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They may not have found love on MAFS, but Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco walked away with a friend for life

A friendship made in MAFS heaven!
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While the main objective of Married At First Sight is to build lasting relationships (and create titillating drama for viewers in the process), no one expects to go on the controversial reality show and find a best friend for life.

But that’s exactly what happened to season nine stars Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco!

While both brides failed to find lasting love with their “husbands” Mitch Eynaud and Jack Millar, they walked away from the experiment with a new best friend by their side.

“I definitely didn’t expect to find Dom on MAFS, and the friendship. I’ve gained a true close friend out of this experiment; she always had my back and I always had hers,” Ella told our sister site WHO of her friendship with Dom.

“She’s always got everyone’s back but people misunderstand where she’s trying to come from.”

As fans will remember, the pair grew close on MAFS amid Dom’s feud with Olivia Frazer, prompting Ella to come to her friend’s defence.

“To find someone who I truly connect with on a deeper level like Ella has just been a blessing,” Dom said of Ella.

Since MAFS finished airing earlier this year, Dom and Ella have become inseparable – and they’ve even turned their friendship into a successful brand.

In June 2022, Ella and Dom announced the launch their podcast Sit With Us, which already reached the number one spot on Spotify Australia’s Top Podcasts ranking.

“Being able to turn something from a friendship into a real career and a career with an incredible trajectory is truly a blessing and we can’t wait,” Dom said of their endeavours.

To celebrate MAFS‘ most beloved besties, we’ve created a gallery of Ella and Dom’s best moments together.

(Image: Instagram)

“The night started very glamorous, ended shoeless and hotel room cardless…”

(Image: Instagram)

They are glowing!

(Image: Instagram)

On the girls trip to Europe, Ella said: “Naples food has been the BEST so far!!

“The menu on the daily.. plenty of bread, mozzarella, probably some pizza oh and pasta OH and Nutella doughnuts negroni tequila & no regrets.”

(Image: Instagram)

The girls take on Sydney!

(Image: Instagram)

“Yin & Yang,” Ella captioned this snap from her 28th birthday celebrations in April 2022, shortly after the MAFS finale aired.

(Image: Instagram)

“Me and my girl, we got this relationship.”

(Image: Instagram)

It’s a family affair! Dom and Ella’s mothers spent time together in Melbourne in April 2022.

(Image: Instagram)

“Domenica, she’s one of my best friends.”

(Image: Instagram)

“This bond is built on effort, thoughtfulness, appreciation, compassion, honesty & respect ✊🏼”

(Image: Instagram)


(Image: Instagram)

“Another amazing day with my side kick,” Ella captioned this snap from Australian Fashion Week in May 2022.

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Ella Ding breaks her silence on Kyle And Jackie O OnlyFans stunt

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“Of course my side kick and biggest hype by my side 💋”

(Image: Instagram)

They truly are friends for life! In May 2022, Ella and Dom got matching tattoos in Sydney.

“Yes we made it official. Tattoos last longer then rings. Love comes and goes, friends last forever,” Ella captioned this pic.

(Image: Instagram)

They’re genetically blessed best friends!

(Image: Instagram)

Ella shared this photo in May 2022 to congratulate Dom on her collaboration with clothing retailer Showpo.

“So proud and just all of the feels for your success and what’s to come ❤️ it’s just the beginning!!”

(Image: Instagram)

Dom and Ella stunned as they prepared to head out for the TV WEEK Logie Awards afterparty in June 2022.

(Image: Sit With Us)

Ella and Dom launched their podcast, Sit With Us, in June 2022. The girls chat about dating, fame, MAFS and everything in between.

(Image: Instagram)

Dom and Ella went on a girls’ trip to Melbourne – and they clearly shopped up a storm!

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