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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding reveal which TV shows they have their sights set on

Plus, Ella reveals how she really feels about Mitch.
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While they may not have found everlasting love on Married at First Sight, Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco’s reality TV experience has opened doors they never thought possible.

With brand deals galore, radio appearances and a recent podcast launch, the two best friends are taking to their newfound stardom like ducks to water.

With Aussies falling in love with Dom and Ella, who came out of the experiment with a lifelong friendship, the question on everyone’s lips is will they appear on another reality TV show?

Dom and Ella are keen to appear on TV again.

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In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Ella says she’s up for anything when it comes to the small screen!

“I hate spiders. I jump out of my car if there’s a jumping spider, but you overcome your fear [on *I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!].* That’s what I’d do,” she reveals.

As for Domenica, she’d love to give TV another crack, but there’s certain shows she won’t be putting her hand up for anytime soon.

“We would both definitely love to be back on TV. I don’t know if I could do I’m A Celeb and you won’t catch me on Home and Away. I can’t act. I can’t be anything but Domenica,” she says.

Dom says her ex-partner Jack Millar is welcome on her and Ella’s podcast.

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But for now, the girls are happy focusing on their hugely successful, Sit With Us.

While Dom says she’s keen to bring her ex-boyfriend Jack Millar on the show somewhere down the line, Ella’s ex Mitch Eynaud won’t be invited.

“Mitch would never come on … he made a comment only a week ago saying he’s not even going to listen and now he’s floating around with Tamara [Djordjevic], so no,” Ella says.

Despite plenty of MAFS drama, mainly involving Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie, still circulating, Dom and Ella say they don’t want to dwell on the show forever on the podcast.

“We’ll cover what’s necessary and you know, address elephants in the room and then we’ll move on from it,” Dom explains.

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While Ella’s relationship with Mitch didn’t last long outside MAFS, the 28-year-old says she wouldn’t change anything about her time on the experiment.

“I respected Mitchell, I wanted him to be happy and I never wanted him to feel uncomfortable. And I knew that he hated being there. So for me, my priority was to make him happy,” she says.

However, the show was a huge learning curve for Ella to recognise hew own self-worth.

“I learnt from it so much because that’s something that happens when you’re single and you’ve been dating for a long time, you just want any guy to love you,” she says, adding that she often asking herself why she wasn’t “good enough”.

Ella is no longer in love with Mitch, but the wounds of their break up are taking time to heal.

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“We do tend to change ourselves and become what they want. It’s what I’ve been learning my whole single years is not to change who I am just to make them happy.”

Ella is no longer in love with Mitch, but the wounds of their break up are still taking time to heal.

“I’m over Mitch, but I’m not over what happened. In ways I’m still trying to get over the situation. I’ve been on one date and it was fun but emotionally I’m just not there, I’m still pretty numb,” she says.

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