Ella Ding’s day on a plate: MAFS star reveals the secret to achieving her incredible body

''Monday to Friday I like to keep it pretty clean.''
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Ella Ding has been one busy woman since Married At First Sight‘s ninth season wrapped.

From launching a podcast to attending glitzy media events and signing brand deals galore, it seems she barely has a moment to breathe!

But the 28-year-old reality star has always managed to keep her health and fitness in check.

To keep her going throughout the day, the beautician will snack on protein bars, nuts and fruit.

(Image: Instagram)

In an Instagram Q&A, Ella revealed the secrets to her incredible figure (and the cheat meals she can’t say no to).

Ella said she follows a 16-hour fasting regimen, meaning she’ll have dinner at about 6.30pm and won’t eat until 11am the following day.

“Then I’ll have a protein smoothie with banana, oats, water, ice, peanut butter and sometimes dates,” she said of her breakfast.

“Then for lunch usually I’ll have boiled eggs, chilli and tuna on Corn Thins or lettuce.”

To keep her going throughout the day, the beautician will snack on protein bars, nuts and fruit.

Ella has a passion for working out.

(Image: Instagram)

“Then for dinner I usually have turkey rissoles with a cucumber, tomato, feta and lettuce salad,” she said.

“Monday to Friday I like to keep it pretty clean.”

And when it comes to indulging, Ella takes an everything in moderation approach.

“The people that really know me know I literally eat the same thing everyday Monday to Friday, then on the weekends I indulge,” she revealed.

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“But I’m the biggest sugar head ever. I love chocolate, I love sweets. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m getting a pastry on Sunday, I’m getting a donut, I’m getting chocolate, I’m eating Allans [lollies].

“Sugar addiction hard, that’s why I get bad skin.”

While there’s no doubt Ella fuels her body with healthy, balanced foods, she also has a passion for fitness!

“I love training. I love any kind of movement at all. Whether it’s a just a walk or a run, doing a little booty band exercise, doing an ab workout. I love exercise, I feel amazing,” she said.

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