Ella Ding is unrecognisable as she shares a dramatic pre-MAFS throwback

You'll never believe what she used to look like!
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Married At First Sight fans know Ella Ding as a dark-haired beauty, but as the former bride revealed on Thursday, she’s been through quite the transformation over the last few years.

Taking to Instagram with a series of rare throwback photos, Ella revealed that she dramatically shaved her head… back in 2014.

Posting shots of her dramatic buzzed head to her Instagram Stories, the fashionista wrote: “In 2014 I shaved my head for the World’s Greatest Shave.”

Ella shaved her head in a dramatic 2014 makeover.

(Image: Instagram)

A snap showed her grinning with a dark buzzcut, holding a huge ponytail of blonde hair in her hand which had just been shaved off her head.

Below it was another snap in which Ella sported a shaved back and sides with longer blonde hair on top, which she had styled into a chic (for 2014) pompadour.

But that wasn’t the only dramatic transformation she revealed.

In a follow-up Story, the MAFS star confessed she had cycled through just about every hair colour imaginable, from bright blue, to Barbie pink and peroxide blonde.

Ella once had platinum blonde hair and a mohawk!

(Image: Instagram)

“I loved exploring different hairstyles so much,” she captioned more throwbacks, this time showing off her bleached pompadour and a chic blonde bob she sported once.

Ella returned to her natural dark hair before starring on MAFS, but her wild transformations in years gone by has fans wondering when she’ll debut another big change.

Perhaps she’ll embrace 2022’s hottest colour trend and dye her hair copper in the coming months, a la Kendall Jenner?

The reality TV star wasn’t done sharing throwback photos though, posting a series of cute snaps from her childhood as she opened up to followers.

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She wrote that her brother is her “bestie” alongside a sweet childhood snap of them together and opened up about her background, revealing she’s half Taiwanese.

Ella also confessed there’s one thing that hasn’t changed from her youngest years to her recent stint on MAFS; her smile.

“I’ve always had this VERY happy smile,” she captioned an adorable ’90s image of her grinning into the camera during what looks like a birthday party, complete with fairy bread.

Ella and MAFS co-star Domenica Calarco have promised to open up more about their childhoods, backgrounds and personal lives in an upcoming episode of their Sit With Us podcast.

This article was originally published on our sister site WHO.

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