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Married At First Sight’s Mikey took a lie detector test to prove he didn’t make up that one night stand

But Stacey wasn't having any of it.
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At the final Married At First Sight dinner party, all hell broke loose when Mikey and Stacey’s alleged one night stand was revealed.

Whilst Stacey, 26, denied all claims, 29-year-old Mikey declared to his fellow contestants that he’d prove he was being truthful with a lie detector test – and that’s just what he’s done.

Mikey and Stacey’s alleged affair was at the centre of the final dinner party drama.

(Images: Nine Network/Instagram @staceylhampton)

Taking to his Instagram stories after the episode aired, Mikey shared an image of himself strapped up to a polygraph captioning it “This will be shown later.”

Mikey’s brother Tom also took to Instagram sharing the same photo and defended his brother.

“A little over excited tonight, as a certain someone lied about my father and my brother!!!” Tom captioned the snap.

“Putting my family through an awful and stressful time. I don’t want to tarnish her as she has two boys and seems like a great mum, but I am very glad the truth has come out!! Thank you @hayleyvernon_ & @ivansarakula for being incredibly honest!”

Tom ended his post by saying, “This show has been a nightmare and I do feel sorry for the contestants. My brother is far from perfect but he ain’t a liar. #thetruthwillsetyourfree!!!”

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Mikey passed with flying colours, however Stacey is not having any of it.

The law graduate, who vehemently denied all the claims that she slept with Mikey, shared a typed image to her Instagram stories that read, “Mikey’s lie detector test – done by his dad’s friend in the police force. Clap clap.”

Stacey also shared a post slamming Channel Nine calling their evidence “nonsense.”

“For the ‘experts’ that sit there and say there is compelling evidence makes me question the entire series,” she wrote.

“Thank you though, Michael is now out of my life, Blessing in disguise,” she added.

Stacey didn’t hold back on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram @staceylhampton)

The mum-of-two slammed Channel Nine as well.

(Image: Instagram @staceylhampton)

In an exclusive video obtained by Woman’s Day, Mikey apologised to Stacey via a phone call that the MAFS bride made public in a controversial Instagram live video.

The apology followed Mikey’s explosive one night stand claims, along with his decision to file a police report after he allegedly received a series of threatening messages from an account reported to be associated with bikie gangs.

Though the report made no direct links to Stacey – whose ex-fiance Shane Smith was revealed to be an Adelaide-based Rebels bikie member – the mum-of-two has slammed the apology.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Mikey apologises to Stacey in explosive Instagram live video. Post continues after video…

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In the clip, Stacey tells her friend Anthony Hess to put Mikey on loudspeaker, where Mikey on the other end of the phone can be heard saying “Sorry Stacey.”

“Is that all you’ve got to say?” Stacey responds.

“I was being a rude d—head, but at the end of the day I don’t deserve to be shot,” Mikey says.

Stacey then angrily responds: “Who the f— is shooting you? Stop making lies up.”

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