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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Married At First Sight's Mikey apologises to Stacey during an explosive Instagram live clip

The plot keeps thickening.

By Woman's Day team
Married At First Sight's Mikey Pembroke has apologised to his co-star Stacey Hampton, during a phone call that the MAFS bride has since made public, sharing their conversation in a controversial Instagram live video.
The apology follows Mikey's explosive claims that he slept with Stacey, along with his decision to file a police report after he allegedly received a series of threatening messages from an account reported to be associated with bikie gangs.
Though the report made no direct links to Stacey – whose ex-fiance Shane Smith was revealed to be an Adelaide-based Rebels bikie member – the mum-of-two has slammed the apology.
Stacey shared an Instagram live video that featured her friend, Anthony Hess. (Image: Supplied)
In the clip obtained by Woman's Day, Stacey's Instagram live show video features a web chat with Bitcoin trader Anthony Hess.
Anthony, whom PR maven Roxy Jacenko lost an AVO bid to in February, is on the phone to MAFS groom Mikey, claiming he wants to apologise.
Mum-of-two Stacey then tells Anthony to put Mikey on loudspeaker, where Mikey on the other end of the phone can be heard saying "Sorry Stacey."
"Is that all you've got to say?" Stacey responds.
"I was being a rude d---head, but at the end of the day I don't deserve to be shot," Mikey says,
Stacey then angrily responds: "Who the f--- is shooting you? Stop making lies up."
Stacey was unimpressed by Mikey's apology. (Image: Supplied)
After Mikey filed his report to police, Stacey told Woman's Day that she sees the reporting of the situation as a well-timed attack.
"This is an absolute attack 
on bikies and an attempt to discredit me," she said.
"I don't think it's a coincidence Mikey is being caught up in a bikie-related drama this close to the reunion airing."
WATCH BELOW: Mikey and Natasha leave the experiment. Post continues after video...
At the reunion, Stacey is also accused of sleeping with Mikey - something she denied in a video confession obtained by Woman's Day in February.
In the video, Stacey says that Mikey asked to partner swap with her, and texted her asking for a kiss, all while slamming his on-screen bride, Natasha Spencer.
"He is a narcissist and everything he says is wrong, it is so wrong. I have not even spoken to him once on camera so I don't know where this little affair's come from," she said.
Stacey slammed Mikey and denied any claims of an affair between the two. (Image: Supplied)

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