Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: The truth about Mikey and Stacey's affair exposed with shock new details

It all comes out at the reunion...

By OK! team
Details of a steamy 
affair between Married At First Sight's Mikey Pembroke and Stacey Hampton have already surfaced – but OK! has exclusively learned that there's more to the drama than first thought.
While Mikey, 29, says that he slept with Stacey, 26 – and she's denied it – evidence will be unveiled at the upcoming MAFS reunion to reveal what really happened.
"The truth will come out," our show spy tells.
"There are text messages and other evidence that will hint they spent the night together. For example, some contestants saw her clothes left in Mikey's room that night. Stacey can't hide it any more!"
While Mikey 
was still married to Natasha Spencer, 26, and Stacey was wed to Michael Goonan, now 29, he says he and Stacey enjoyed a steamy one-night hook-up.
Mikey adds it happened once his marriage was all but over. But it's Stacey – who vehemently denies the accusations 
– who's left shocked when new details emerge at the reunion.
Looks like we've got an explosive reunion to look forward to... (Channel Nine)
"Stacey really doesn't have much 
to say in her defence," our source says.
"It's as though she's dumbfounded!"
So what actually went down?
"They got drunk one night and it happened while they were with Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula," our insider tells.
Stacey's husband Michael isn't happy when he finds out.
"He came into the reunion really cocky and 
he laughed at the rumours that she slept with Mikey – but then the texts came out and he slowly went into himself," our insider admits.
"He was devastated because he actually had feelings for Stacey at that time."
Perhaps Michael, who was embroiled in a cheating scandal with Hayley Vernon, didn't enjoy the taste of his own medicine?
Last month, Stacey revealed exclusively to Woman's Day that while Mikey asked 
to partner swap 
with her – she adamantly denies any fling with him.
a narcissist," she blasted.
"I barely even spoke to him on camera. [During filming] I was either with my partner or at home visiting my children," she said.
Whatever went down, the truth will finally be revealed when the reunion episode airs next Wednesday.
Bring it on!

Michael is back on Tinder!

It looks like Adelaide businessman Michael has 
all but confirmed that he and bride Stacey are 
no longer together – by jumping back onto Tinder!
The dating profile was shared this week by another MAFS star, Nasser Sultan, who warned anybody who saw the account to report it to Tinder.
"'He's a disgrace," Nasser said, before admitting Michael's relationship with Stacey was "fake" throughout the entirety of filming! Wow!
Michael is already back on dating apps, it seems! (Channel Nine)

Hayley walks out

After being told that the reunion is all about Mikey and Stacey's alleged one-night stand, a spy reveals that Hayley Vernon was so mad they stole the spotlight that she walked off set early!
"She wanted all the night to be about the Hayley-Michael hook-up but it's all about the Stacey-Mikey hook-up," a source spills.
How awkward!
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