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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS couple Hayley and David’s honeymoon fight exposed!

Will one huge fight mean the end for Hayley and David?
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Could Hayley and David’s “marriage” be over already?

After a massive fight, the couple are spending their Singapore honeymoon in separate hotel rooms.

“Microphones got ripped off, people went walking down hallways,” Hayley, 32, tells TV WEEK.

“I honestly just wanted to shake David. It was extremely frustrating.”

Hayley and David aren’t finding common ground.

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The Melbourne finance broker insists the comment that sparked it all off – that David’s $25-an-hour wage as a truck driver wouldn’t “cut it” – was just a joke.

“Look, I was on $150,000 a year before going on this show,” she explains.

“It doesn’t matter to me how much you earn. As long as someone’s giving it a red-hot crack, I couldn’t give two s–ts what they do. You could shovel s–t for all I care, as long as you’re working.”

Hayley says she was happy when David first moved into his own room.

“I was quite relieved,” she says. “There’s nothing worse than sitting in a hotel room with someone who doesn’t really want to get to know you, but is saying that they’re trying.”

Truckie David didn’t like Hayley’s comments about his job.

(Image: Nine Network)

After that first night on his own, David decided he didn’t want to move back.

“I wasn’t relieved when he dragged it out over the entire course of our honeymoon,” Hayley says.

“I thought he would have had more balls than that and approached me about the situation. We could have worked on it. So that was kind of disappointing.”

Hayley, a former drug addict, says David was calling his parents – both conservative Christians, with his dad a police officer – from Singapore.

She says they decided she was wrong for him from “day dot”.

“I’m like, ‘You’ve spoken to your parents – you’ve let outside information get in your head,'” she explains.

Hayley says David’s parents decided she was wrong for him from “day dot”.

(Image: Nine Network)

Hayley says she didn’t want to walk away from the “marriage”.

“That’s not me,” she insists. “I’d given up too much to get there. I don’t quit. This is where David and I are very different.

“I felt in that situation, he thought it was over.”

Is there any hope for Hayley and David’s relationship?

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