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Former MAFS groom Nasser Sultan unleashes on Domenica Calarco live on radio: “Stop playing the victim!”

Nasser has made it very clear where his allegiances lie.
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In the four years since taking part in Married At First Sight, Nasser Sultan hasn’t exactly been one to shy away from the spotlight.

The opinionated former reality star, who is known for his public rants and divisive commentary, took the opportunity to weigh in on the seemingly-never-ending MAFS OnlyFans photo scandal.

Speaking to Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on Tuesday morning, Nasser unleashed on Domenica Calarco, claiming the embattled bride has been “playing the victim” ever since Olivia Frazer circulated her nude photos to the group.

Nasser made it clear he’s on Olivia’s side.

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The live conversation between the pair got so heated that Jackie O was forced to tell Nasser to “stop being so aggressive”.

The on-air argument started when Nasser said he has “seen all the photos” of Dom, before sensationally claiming that she had allowed producers to distribute the photos for a storyline.

He doubled down on his bizarre tirade against Dom and jumped to the defense of Olivia, saying “bigger issue” was the wine glass smash at the couples’ retreat.

“The problem is here right, she broke a glass, looked at Olivia and that’s a threat to me. If I did that at a pub I’d be kicked out, if you did that at a party, you’d be thrown out. But she did it and got away with it,” he said.

Dom told Nasser the rumours he’s spreading are “very hurtful”.

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“All (Olivia) did was, her friend has gone and looked up the OnlyFans or whatever, found these photos and said to her ‘Look, I just found Domenica’s photo, look at this’,” Nasser ranted.

“Olivia went and told the girls and the producers knew damn well that this was going to happen.”

Nasser then claimed, without providing any proof, that Dom concocted the OnlyFans photo scandal to distract from the glass smashing incident.

“Domenica whinged and complained about ‘OMG I broke a glass what do I do’ and I can tell you now that Olivia sought legal advice. Olivia asked for legal advice on this whole thing,” he said.

WATCH: Nasser Sultan unleashes on Domenica Calarco live on air. Story continues after video.

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Nasser’s tirade against Dom continued for several more minutes before she actually called up the radio station to defend herself over his claims.

“Listen, listen, listen, stop playing the victim!” Nasser yelled at Dom after she said his rumour spreading is “very hurtful”.

“You got into everyone’s business, you got into everyone’s relationship … You got onto that show knowing you had an OnlyFans account, and you know for a fact that you’ve got to share everything about you to get onto any show.

“You’re going out on a ‘feel sorry for me campaign’ and I don’t buy it. There’s no way that producers wouldn’t have known about (the photos),” the 54-year-od continued before Jackie jumped in to tell him to calm down.

Kyle was forced to put Nasser on mute so Dom could get a word in without being interrupted.

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“This is actually quite shocking hearing this …,” Dom admitted before Nasser cut her off and yelled: “You’re shocking! You broke a glass!”

Kyle then muted Nasser so that Dom could get a word in, before saying Nasser was about to “cross a line”.

But Nasser wasn’t backing down, and went on to slam the radio hosts for their ties to other MAFS alumni.

“You guys support Martha, and you support this one here. That’s what you guys do,” he said. “You don’t support the real people who are hurting.”

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