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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Connie says she’s “definitely” up for being Australia’s next Bachelorette!

Fans have begged Connie to give love another shot on TV, and she's totally down.
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While Connie Crayden and Jonnie Musulin said their final vows this week – with both admitting they’re ready to leave the experiment single – Connie’s reality TV journey may not be wrapping up just yet.

Following the marine biologist’s impressive exit speech on “self-discovery” and becoming a strong, confident woman, fans were left in awe by her strength and courage – and are calling on Connie, 27, to be Australia’s next Bachelorette!

“Connie is going to be the next Bachelorette!” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another added, “I vote Connie for next Bachelorette, she’s so authentic!”


What’s more, during an exclusive interview with NW last week, Connie revealed that she wouldn’t “say no” if the opportunity presented itself.

“I would certainly do the Bachelorette,” Connie told us.

“So many people have said it – even my parents have said I should apply! I do think maybe I should do it. I’d never say no!”

She’s open the idea of applying for the reality dating series.

(Source: Nine)

Fans can’t get enough of Connie and want to see her find love again on TV!

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And as for what kind of man Connie is looking for? She shares to NW that she definitely wants a brain over brawn!

“I’m looking for someone genuine, intelligent, funny and selfless.”

Aww…we love that for you!

After saying goodbye to her “on-screen” hubby Jonnie Musulin – Connie’s ready to put her heart on the line once more!

(Source: Nine)

The rumours the brunette stunner could be gracing our TV screens once more for her second shot at love began last week, when OK! revealed that Connie may have already found love with a familiar face – The Bachelor star Matt Agnew!

A spy revealed that Connie, 28, has the hots for Matt, last year’s Bachie.

“The pair met at an event in Melbourne a few weeks ago,” the fellow guest told OK!

“The pair met at an event in Melbourne a few weeks ago,” the fellow guest tells OK!. “They really hit it off!”

(Source: Nine/Ten)

That astrophysicist Matt would be Connie’s type isn’t a surprise.

The marine biology student has said a man with “good looks, intelligence and who’s a little bit nerdy” floats her boat.

Sound like anyone you know?

“Connie was chatting with Matt for ages,’ our spy added.

“They seemed to really hit it off. There was definitely some serious chemistry between them.”


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