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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The MAFS grooms bare all in sexy photoshoot as they reveal their biggest regrets about going on the show

''I regret getting involved in the drama.''
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This season of MAFS has had it all – drama, tantrums and bitter break-ups.

And as experiment comes to an end, this season’s grooms have opened up to NW exclusively about the reunion’s dirtiest secrets, along with some of their personal regrets.


He got burnt for sticking his nose into Aleks and Ivan’s business, and now Josh confesses he was cajoled into meddling.

“Producers pushed me to get involved in other couple’s relationships just for drama. I regret going along with it,” he said.


Mikey believes producers were having a laugh by matching him with someone like Natasha.

“Getting rejected is a big thing and it hurts… so it sucks when you are paired with someone who comes out and slanders your name and lies,” he said.

“The backlash that your partner says after the show is the hardest part, because all of it isn’t real.”

Ivan and Mikey formed a close friendship during their journey to finding love.

(Image: NW)


Given he’s still loved-up with Lizzie, Seb insists, “I don’t have any regrets and don’t believe in them.”

Er, what about that time you confronted Liz about her bad eating habits?


Jonnie admits he felt pressured into “changing who I am” in order to accommodate Connie.

“I regret not being myself,” he adds.

These boys showed off their ripped rigs while exposing a few of MAFS‘ secrets!

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“I actually don’t have any regrets and thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of the experience. To top it off I met a great girl!”


For beefcake Drew, not watching one episode of MAFS before was in hindsight, a huge mistake!

“It’s one of the silliest things I’ve done to date!” he tells NW.

Seb was in his element goofing around on set of NW‘s photo shoot with Drew!

(Image: NW)

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