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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Aleks & Jonethen's flirty messages to each other send tongues wagging

''They didn't think they'd get caught.''

By OK! team
They looked to be one of the strongest couples in the experiment but Married At First Sight's Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula have hit splitsville.
Not only did bride Aleks, 27, admit she doesn't find Ivan 'physically attractive', OK! hears groom Jonethen Musulin and Aleks have connected – with Jonnie, 27, admitting he wished he'd been paired up with Aleks, rather than his TV bride Connie Crayden. Wow!
"He was telling other contestants he wanted to be paired with Aleks over Connie because she was more his type, had a better personality and got his sense of humour!" the source tells OK!.
And despite the fact that Connie, who turns 28 this week, has pulled out all stops to make her marriage work, Jonnie has all but checked out.
"He's saying he's going to take Aleks on an "official" date in the very near future," our source adds.
In fact, OK! has learned that Aleks and Jonnie have already been meeting up!
"They've been spending time in Sydney and hanging out at a low-key bar owned by one of Jonnie's mates," the source tells.
Jonethen and Aleks have sent tongues wagging with their suggestive social media interactions. (Channel Nine)
The pair haven't been working too hard to keep their relationship under wraps after both openly flirted with one another on social media.
"They've both been liking and commenting on each other's pictures," a fan noticed.
In one of Aleks' posts, Jonnie wrote, "New hair who dis?" with Aleks cheekily writing back, "@jonethen all for @ivansarakula," adding a flirtatious winky emoji.
Rumours have also emerged that Aleks and Ivan, 30, have been faking their relationship anyway.
"They both want to be famous and that's why they're on the show," a source tells.
"But in real life, Aleks and Ivan are well and truly over!"
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Mishel's pain revealed

While the show has made it look like Mishel Karen is eager to stay in her relationship with Steve Burley, an insider says that couldn't be further from the truth!
"She has wanted to write "leave" for weeks now, but the network is forcing her to stay because she's helping bring in the ratings!"
That's not all – the 49-year-old is allegedly not even "attracted" to Steve, 52.
"She hasn't felt a spark since their wedding day!" the source shares.
"She hasn't had any romantic feelings toward him at all but they're making it look like she's interested and he isn't!"
The source added Mishel feels "trapped" and is upset about how the show has made her look.
"She's in hiding and extremely broken from it all."
Mishel feels "trapped" according to a source. (Channel Nine)

Lizzie and Seb not what they seem?

It looks like Lizzie Sobinoff, 28, has another Sam Ball situation on her hands!
According to an insider her 'husband' Seb Guilhaus, 32, is only on the show to boost his public profile.
"He has told friends he only applied for the show so he can become a comedian!" a source says.
"He doesn't love her!"
Aww… we feel for you Lizzie!
Is Seb in it for the right reasons? (Channel Nine)

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