Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Seb defends Lizzie's mum Gillian

''Gillian's great!''

By Alex Lilly
The success rate of this year's Married At First Sight couples hasn't been particularly high, but fans are still loving intruder couple Lizzie and Seb.
But despite their warm and fuzzy relationship, Lizzie's protective mum Gillian received some considerable backlash online, when she interrogated Seb about his career and decision to drop out of his degree.
Now, during an exclusive interview with Now To Love, Seb has revealed that he has no hard feelings towards Lizzie's mum and knows that her questioning comes from a place of love.
Lizzie's mum Gillian hit Seb with the hard questions about his career and family values. (Image: Nine Network)
Seb first met Lizzie's mum Gillian at their wedding, adding that he expected to be grilled at the reception.
"Gillian's great," he said. "Naturally a mother needs to be protective and I expected that questioning because it shows care, really.
"You don't want your daughter going back into the lion's den you know? What better way than the round table and getting the real questioning from all angles? It was intense at the time but I expected it."
He added: "If there were no real questions being asked, then wouldn't you think to yourself do you really care what happens?"
"I really needed this to withstand the family's artillery strike," Seb jokingly captioned this snap on Instagram. (Image: Nine Network)
Seb shared similar comments on his personal Instagram account following the bride homestay week, when he uploaded a picture of himself drinking at the dinner table with the caption: "Haha the battle for acceptance begins and I really needed this to withstand the family's artillery strike... But I knew they were coming from a good place and it's nice to finish off the home stay with a giggle."
WATCH BELOW: Lizzie plays Never Have I Ever. Post continues after video...
MAFS fans clearly adore Lizzie and Seb as a couple and have placed a lot of their faith in these two.
Some took to social media to swoon over Seb defending Lizzie, when the mystery questions came out at the dinner party and she was asked why she feels the need to get so involved in everyone else's business.
"At this point, the only hope left for us on this utter s--- show is Lizzie and Seb! Please don't let me down," one fan pleaded on Twitter.

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