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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Golden couple Lizzie and Seb are busy planning a lucrative TV wedding

The golden couple are saying 'I do'... again!
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Watch your backs, Cam and Jules – Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus are on a mission to dethrone you as MAFS’ most loved-up couple!

With the smitten kittens set to recommit to each other at this week’s final vow ceremony, NW hears Lizzie, 28, and Seb, 31, are busily planning their real-life wedding, which will be televised on Nine later this year.

The duo are currently holed up in Seb’s hometown of Adelaide and we hear they’re eager to wed in the City of Churches too.

“Most of Seb’s family is here so it makes sense – and Lizzie has really fallen in love with the city,” dishes our insider.

“It has a totally different vibe to Sydney and Melbourne, which she likes.”

Last November, over 861,000 viewers tuned in for Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson’s A Current Affair wedding special.

Producers hope Lizzie and Seb can pull in similar, if not higher, numbers for the network and are sparing no expense to make it happen.

”Lizzie and ASeb are so in love!,” a close pal tells NW.

(Source: Nine)

“I wouldn’t say she’s a bridezilla, but Lizzie knows what she wants,” says the source.

“She’ll have a big enchanted-theme wedding complete with ice sculptures!”

Naturally there are sponsorship deals being worked out.

However, our insiders say Lizzie is keen to enlist the services of local businesses that may be struggling, so that the publicity and exposure from the TV special can help give them a boost.

Hearing about Lizzie and Seb getting money and sponsorship deals for tying the knot will no doubt ruffle feathers among the cast.

Already, a majority of them are said to be annoyed that she got paid $100,000 to return to MAFS, while they only got a daily rate of $150.

”Jules will hate to hear that Lizzie is trying to out-do her wedding,” a source spills.

(Source: Nine)

“They’re not happy, that’s for sure,” tells a second show spy.

“They think it’s downright unfair!”

But Lizzie’s not letting that rain on her parade and is focusing on the future – which includes officially becoming Mrs Guilhaus and then hopefully starting a family.

Liz recently sparked buzz she might be pregnant after posting a very telling Instagram photo of Seb cradling her stomach.

“It could end up being a shotgun wedding,” squeals the source.

“A baby definitely won’t be far off.”

So exciting!

A feud is brewing between KC and Connie~

”The women haven’t seen eye-to-eye since they first met,” an insider says.

(Source: Instagram)

While Connie Crayden won the hearts of Australians after showing her vulnerable side, Kasey Osborne tells NW that not all was as it seemed!

“I just wish everything was shown,” Kasey, 31, dishes.

“In my second commitment ceremony, Connie was saying some horrible things about me while I was talking to the experts, like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s disgusting. Eww, she’s just gross!’ That is why I was crying – not because of Stacey and Michael laughing. Connie was pulling faces at me and muttering rude comments under her breath. It was awful!”

But it seems Connie, 27, had beef because she claims Kasey nearly hooked up with her “husband” Jonethen Musulin, 27.

“Kasey and Jonnie almost couple swapped,” Connie blasts.

“There was a little something there, but I don’t know the full extent of it.”

MAFS stars dying to cash in on their fame – but Cathy is winning the race!

”Cathy’s cashing in since her stint on the show!” a source says.

(Source: Nine)

It’s no secret that MAFS stars in the past have cashed in on their 15 minutes of stardom – from endorsing products on social media to club appearances.

But NW hears this year’s brides and grooms have been struggling to earn a quick buck since filming wrapped!

“All participants have been banned from receiving their official Instagram blue ticks because they breached their contracts,” a source spills.


That being said, Cathy Evans is smashing it as an Instagram influencer.

With 152,000 followers, the 26-year-old is by far the most popular of this season’s cast – at least online – and makes around $700 per post.

“She’s pretty happy about it!” a close pal says.

Who needs a tick after all, huh, Cath?

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