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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Rebecca spills on Bryce’s “secret girlfriend” and the moment she confronts him

"He told me, in the gym.''
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It’s on! Bec and Bryce go head-to-head at the Married At First Sight dinner party this week over the rumour that Bryce has a secret girlfriend.

Bec reveals to TV WEEK that Bryce, who’s married to Melissa, told her just after Honesty Week about “a girl on the outside”.

“He was seeing a girl and his mate asked him if he wanted to get her a gift,” she says.

“He told me, in the gym, this information, along with telling me that he placed me first on the hottest/nottest little rating, as well as telling me that it would be easy enough to get to the end of the experiment with Melissa.

Bec had advice for Bryce but how is her own marriage fairing?

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“I’m telling you now, he was flirting with me in the gym and he was talking down about Melissa.”

When Bec arrives at the dinner party this week, she hears a rumour about Bryce’s secret girlfriend.

Bec, 27, says she told Bryce to tell Melissa what he’d told her.

When he didn’t, she decided to speak out.

“Every time I go up against Bryce I actually shake, but it’s more out of frustration,” she says.

“Obviously going against a male isn’t the ideal position you want to put yourself in. Yet just seeing Mel in the relationship with Bryce and knowing the facts gave me the confidence to call him out on his cr-p.”

Bec urges Bryce to be honest.

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Stories about Bryce’s secret girlfriend have been circulating in the media for weeks.

Bryce, 31, tells TV WEEK he’s heard the rumour that he has a girlfriend in the ACT.

“It’s news to me,” he says. “I was only in the ACT for 12 weeks so I must have been having a good time.”

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“To be honest, I know there’s articles and podcasts and other rubbish floating around but I’m just not reading it.”

As for Bec’s relationship with her husband Jake, things are finally starting to look up.

“Me writing ‘leave’ made Jake realise that I wasn’t feeling it, and it wasn’t just about me putting the work in,” she explains.

“I said, ‘Jake, I need to see the real you.’ He really stepped up with that.”

Is there hope for their marriage?

MAFS’ Melissa: ‘Why I’m standing by my man’

Bryce is drawn to drama like a moth to a flame. For his Married at First Sight wife, Melissa, the constant confrontation is a nightmare.

“It was absolutely draining,” Melissa tells TV WEEK.

This week, a rumour that Bryce had a secret girlfriend outside the experiment saw Bryce and Melissa as the centre of attention yet again. At first when Melissa heard the accusations against her husband, she was nervous.

“With Bryce’s cheating past, I had to think ‘could this be true?,” the 31-year-old questioned.

“I got over that because I put my trust in Bryce.”

Melissa says she’s put her trust in Bryce.

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As the other couples interrogated Bryce, Melissa became frustrated.

Especially when they cited her welfare as the excuse.

“Rebecca said she was concerned for my wellbeing but if it were me and I found out that there was another secret person for somebody else in the experiment, I would have told them straight away,” Melissa says.

“It’s hard for anyone to understand but Bryce cares about me enough to never hurt me that way.”

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