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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS brides Amanda and Tash open up about being the show’s first same-sex couple

''There was pressure being the first lesbian couple.''
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Marrying someone you’ve never met is stressful enough.

But on top of that, Tash and Amanda knew they were making history by being the first lesbian couple on Married At First Sight.

“It definitely added pressure,” Tash, 31, tells TV WEEK, “because regardless of the fact that it’s a same-sex pairing and so if there was incompatibility it’s just between two people, there’s that added pressure, because they’ve chosen to do this as a way to represent the lesbian community.”

The Adelaide bartender says she’s been feeling a lot of support from the lesbian community.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out and be really excited and really hopeful.”

She says the wedding day was “really emotional” for her.

“It meant a lot to have my father walk me down the aisle. I’m very close to my dad.”

Tash says the experience of getting married on MAFS was an emotional one.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Amanda’s family are a lot more conservative than Tash’s.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Meanwhile, Melbourne strength coach Amanda, 34, says it was “so exciting” to be in the show’s first lesbian wedding.

“I had to really pinch myself the week I found out because it was all so surreal,” she tells TV WEEK.

“I’m like, ‘Whether this works out or not, we’re going down in history.’ I really wanted to do the country proud.”

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Tash felt a sense of relief after being meeting Amanda at the wedding.

“Amanda’s such a lovely person and I was just relieved that I wasn’t paired with someone awful. She’s kind and nice and that was great.”

After the couple left their reception and headed to their hotel, Tash says she just felt “exhausted”.

“We ate and we passed out.”

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So did she think that the relationship could work?

“I was hopeful!”

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