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EXCLUSIVE: Our astrologist reveals which MAFS couples are compatible – and who is destined for Splitsville!

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Married at First Sight is almost coming to and end. Cue the violin music.

And with the last remaining couples still in the experiment, NW asks astrologist Jenny Blume for her expertise on matching them with their star signs.

Even though some couples seem to align perfectly on paper, their cosmic readings certainly indicate otherwise!

Lizzie (Pisces) and Seb (Pisces)

According to Jenny, Lizzie and Seb may have started off with sparks flying, but their romance will quickly fizzle out quite quickly! Uh-oh!

(Source: Nine)

“The crucial ingredients are all there – trust, commitment, communication – along with a generous dollop of physical attraction, but over time, differing values and opinions could lead to clashes.

“The first flush of romance can be exhilarating, but with Neptune confusing matters, the dream could vanish in a puff of smoke.”

Out of 5: 4 hearts

Stacey (Libra) and Michael (Libra)

“At first glance, this is a match made in heaven, but Michael’s restless nature might prove hard to contain.

“Power struggles could erupt as Stacey lays down the law, and ultimately, Michael’s inner rebel will win the day. As business partners or travel buddies it might actually work … perhaps they’re on the wrong show?”

Out of 5: 3 hearts

WATCH BELOW: Married At First Sight‘s Jonethen plays Never Have I Ever. Post continues after video…

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Mishel (Sagittarius) and Steve (Virgo)

“With four planets in the fastidious Virgo territory, Steve will struggle with Mishel’s freewheeling Sagittarius sun, while on the flipside, his judgmental streak could cramp her exuberant style.

“Both share a genuine zest for life, along with a great sense of humour, but ultimately, this pairing is destined for the friend zone.”

Out of 5: 3.5 hearts

Our resident Astrologist says that Stacey and Michael are a better match as business partners or friends and Steve and Mishel are “destined to be friend-zoned.” Ouch!

(Source: Nine)

Connie (Pisces) and Jonnie (Gemini)

“Boredom is deal-breaker for Gemini-ruled Jonnie, along with gushy emotions and clingy behavior.

“In contrast, Connie’s horoscope is brimming over with depth and feeling. Her inner romantic is seeking love and affection, but after much soul-searching, Connie will realise that Jonnie would only hamper her style.”

Out of 5: 1.5 hearts

Kasey (Sagittarius) and Drew (Scorpio)

“Ambition can be a powerful driver! Born within weeks of each other, this dynamic duo shares many traits, including vision, grit and a genuine passion for life.

“It could almost be a match made in heaven, but one crucial component – sexual chemistry – is lacking. When the cameras are turned off, it’s friends at best.”

Out of 5: 2 hearts

For Jonnie and Connie it seems they may be in a bit of strife. Jonnie being a Gemini may get “bored” of Connie very quickly and as for Kasey and Drew? While they both share a genuine passion for life, they lack in sexual intimacy.

(Source: Nine)

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