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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Steve reveals how he REALLY felt after Mishel brought up his cancer battle in a threat

“It was disturbing for me, I've got to be honest.”

By Helen Vnuk
Married At First Sight fans were shocked when Mishel brought up her husband Steve's testicular cancer battle in an angry threat last week.
"Don't come near me tonight or you'll lose your other f**king ball!" she told him.
Now, Steve has admitted to TV WEEK that he was disturbed by Mishel's comment.
"The conversation Mishel and I had in the lounge, when she was talking about ripping my other testicle off, it was disturbing for me, I've got to be honest," Steve, 52, says.
"I really didn't appreciate that comment. If the shoe was on the other foot, and I was disrespecting a female based on something like that, then I'd be ripped a new one."
The UK-born barbershop owner was diagnosed with testicular cancer eight years ago.
"It was the scariest time of my life. I've never been so petrified, scared, concerned, in all of my life as when I was told that I had testicular cancer, and for someone, even in a heated argument, to bring up something like that, was disturbing."
Steve says Mishel's comments during their heated argument were "disturbing". Image: Channel Nine
"Mishel's a beautiful person, but sometimes you need to think before you actually say certain things."
Mishel became angry with Steve after he revealed that he didn't feel attracted to her.
So why did he tell her that, after they'd spent six weeks together without him saying anything?
"I said it because a discussion was had with me that I would perhaps bring that up, and I brought it up at that time," Steve reveals. "There was no disrespect or hurt meant towards Mishel."
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Mishel was upset after Steve admitted he was struggling to be attracted to her. Image: Channel Nine
He says viewers didn't see the whole conversation he and Mishel had.
"When I expressed that I was struggling with my attraction levels, Mishel clearly outlined, 'Yes, that's fine, I understand.' I think she told me that she didn't kiss her ex-boyfriend for three weeks or six weeks or something like that."
"It was later on, after Mishel had time to digest it, that she got upset, and I understand why she got upset. The last thing I ever wanted to do was upset her."

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