Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Steve had his heart broken by MasterChef's Diana

Steve was engaged to Diana Chan and was left devastated by their break-up.

By Helen Vnuk
Married At First Sight groom Steve says MasterChef winner Diana Chan saved his life. He says she also broke his heart.
The UK-born barbershop owner went out with Diana for five years. In that time, they moved in together and got engaged. Steve is 52 while Diana is two decades younger.
Married At First Sight groom was left devastated from past break-up. (Image: Nine Network)
"We were really close," Steve tells TV WEEK. "I met Diana in Melbourne CBD one evening, and we just hit it off. Our relationship took off from there."
Eight years ago, Steve was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Diana was by his side throughout his cancer battle.
Diana Chan was MasterChef's winner in 2017. (Image: Network Ten)
"If it wasn't for her, then I probably wouldn't be here today," he says.
"I was just overcome with shock about being diagnosed with testicular cancer. She was there. She supported me at every oncology appointment that I had, the operation, all this sort of stuff. She's just an absolute deadset sweetheart."
Although Diana stuck with Steve while he was having treatment, their relationship didn't last. Steve thinks it's because he "changed as an individual" when he was diagnosed with cancer.
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"Look, Diana had her reasons," he says.
"Maybe we started to grow apart a little bit.
"It did break my heart. It took me a fair while to get over it."
Steve says Malaysian-born Diana was always "an amazing, amazing cook". But it came as a surprise when he turned on MasterChef in 2017 and saw her on it.
"I was just overcome with being so proud of her," he remembers.
After his battle with his health, Steve opened a barbershop in Melbourne. (Image: Instagram)
Steve, who has a 34-year-old son back in the UK, has a history of dating younger women. But when he applied for MAFS, he decided it was time for a change.
"In the past I've dated younger women and it clearly hasn't worked out for me. I've said that I'm looking for somebody more my own age, but who knows what may happen?"

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