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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Lizzie busted on a date with intruder Drew Brauer

This is a couple swap we didn't see coming!

By Woman's Day team
Goofy, bold and passionate, Lizzie Sobinoff and her new groom Sebastian Guilhaus seemed like the perfect couple when they met at the aisle during last week's intruder weddings.
However, Woman's Day has learned the brunette bride's romance is about to take a nosedive after she makes a move on new groom Drew Brauer.
In explosive text messages obtained by Woman's Day, Drew's onscreen wife KC Osborne not only reveals Lizzie and Drew shared a close bond, but she approved it!
"Drew hurt me... Lizzi told me she was having dinner with him [and] I couldn't take it personal," KC admits to fellow bride Stacey via text.
"How is it okay for Lizzie and Drew to go and get dinner… it's not any different," she tells the blonde beauty, referring to her wanting to hook up with Stacey's husband Michael.
Busted! In explosive messages KC revealed Lizzie and Drew enjoyed each others company outside of fiming. (Image: Woman's Day Exclusive)
While Lizzie, 27, and Drew, 31, are yet to speak out about their secret dinners, Woman's Day's spy reveals it sent producers into a panic!
"She and Drew just had way more in common," dishes the source.
"She gave a mouthful to producers when she first met him… it just made more sense [that they be matched] with their shared passion for mental health and goofy personalities," adds the insider.
WATCH: Married At First Sight's Lizzie plays Never Have I Ever. Story continues below...
Despite Lizzie being famously cheated on last season, our source says she had no qualms about meeting up with Drew.
"They met up behind producers' backs – multiple times! All the participants knew they were getting closer, but nobody had the guts to tell production," the source explains, revealing Lizzie was "the golden child" on set.
"How it okay for Lizzie?", KC reveals the returning bride has been exploring other options. (Credit: Supplied)
"Nobody was allowed to get in her way or question her during filming, especially at dinner parties – they were Lizzie's domain," adds the source who insists what went on will likely never be played out on TV.

Steve's son hits back!

Ever since Steve Burley broke down to wife Mishel Karen about missing his boy, his son Tony has been left seething over his father's "lies".
"While [Steve] was recording the show he became more affectionate, telling me he loves me... but if he misses his family so much, why didn't he even tell me he was getting married and why did he block me on all of his social media accounts?" he says.
Steve and his son are not on good terms. (Credit: Nine)
Tony feels like his dad was using him, adding that Steve, 52, even tried to discourage him from speaking to the press. "He's not my dad, my grandad is my dad," adds Tony, who says he has barely seen Steve since he split from his mum in 1991.

Poppy's tell-all book!

The defiant mum is ready to reveal everything. When Poppy Jennings was forced to flee the set of Married At First Sight, she was quickly silenced by lawyers.
However, Woman's Day has learned the 38-year-old bride is in talks to release an explosive tell-all book, which aims to lift the lid on her time on the controversial show.
A source reveals Poppy has been approached by book publishers to tell her story. (Credit: Nine)
The mother-of-two has been made countless offers by book publishers who are excitedly offering her a chance to tell her story.
"This is going further! I feel like I'm empowered [because] I have spoken up," Poppy revealed last week.
She says the "[unaired] footage speaks volumes about what actually happened, what really went down that night... It was all caught on camera, multiple people knew about it…this story needs to be told".
Poppy jokingly adds, "Someone is going to bloody jail!"

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