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Love Island Australia episode 2: SHOCK return!

Guess who's back!!
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Although we are only in episode 2 of Love Island Australia 2022, we have already seen more twists and turns than we have in any other series.

After the shocking and brutal dumping of Claudia in episode 1, she has made a shock return and hasn’t come empty handed.

Claudia’s quick return was accompanied by a brand new boy on each arm as she re entered the villa, leaving islanders not knowing where to look.

After Claudia left she recieved a text saying she isn’t going home!

(Credit: Nine Network)

Claudia was jumped from the island after Holly chose to couple up with her partner Jordan and left her single. Claudia packed her bags and left the villa with tears in her eyes leaving us all thinking her journey for love was over!

After Claudia left, she received a text saying she isn’t going home and is soon greeted by a 24-year-old pool boy from Wales, Callum, and a 22 year old rapper from Brisbane, Tak.

Before anyone really understands what’s happening, the new boy Tak says ”Let’s go back in the villa”, leaving Claudia saying what we are all thinking…”Wait we’re going now?! Shut the f–k up, everyone is going to die!”

24 year old pool boy from Wales, Callum, and 22 year old rapper from Brisbane, Tak.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Contestant Jessica is pleased to have two handsome new additions to the villa, she says, ”Claudia didn’t just come back with a snack, she came back with a meal, I’m ready to dig into that meal. I’m hungry.”

Although the girls seem pleased, the original boys seem a litte threatened by the new boys. Jordan jokingly says, “if he tried to cuddle Claudia tonight” while mimicking an elbow to the face.

Austen says, ”He’s f–king jacked. He’s f–cking jacked!”

“Where do they make these guys from, factories or something?”

Sparks are well and truly flying between these two!

(Credit: Nine Network)

Episode two also saw the heat rise for our contestants in the ‘Red Flags’ challenge, which exposed the girls and boys’ deepest secrets!

The Islanders were made to pick up a life buoy which would unveil a saucy secret about one of their castmates (ooooh the scandal).

And in a steamy catch, instead of saying the answer, the islanders had to smash a pash onto the lips of the person they thought the clue related to.

Newcomer Callum gave British beauty Holly a kiss, Conor gave Layla a kiss – to his partner Jessicas dismay – Tak was happy to give some extra attention to Jessica, much to the ire of Conor, Andre kissed Holly, who described him as a ”spicy little sausage” and the list goes on!

Episode two certainly was every bit as racy and sexxed up as it was dramatic.

Love Island Australia airs 6pm Monday – Thursday on 9NOW.

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