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Why Laura Byrne backed out of The Bachelor on the very first day: “Complete change of heart”

Everyone's favourite reality TV couple almost never met.
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Laura Byrne has opened up about the moment she almost walked out of The Bachelor, revealing she had a “complete change of heart” before she even met Matty ‘J’ Johnson.

Opening up about what really goes on behind-the-scenes before The Bachelor starts filming, Laura confessed she got cold feet after being told the secret time and location she’d be picked up for the show.

“If you’re selected, you get given a time and location, and it’s a secret time and secret location, to try and throw off paparazzi,” she told the I’ve Got News For You podcast.

“Mine was a pick-up location in Alexandria in some random park at 3pm, and you’re supposed to rock up with all your suitcases and a bus will come and collect you.”

Laura Byrne confessed she almost walked out of The Bachelor before she even met Matty ‘J’ Johnson.

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But when the bus arrived, Laura was nowhere to be found. She’d decided she “didn’t want to do it” and simply didn’t turn up to the pickup spot.

While producers were likely in a panic trying to locate her, Laura was grappling with her decision to sign up for the show in the first place.

“I just had a complete change of heart. I really didn’t want to do it, I was worried about what it would look like vying for a man’s attention on a reality TV show,” she confessed.

When producers finally got a hold of her on the phone, they told her to show up at the Ultimo Hotel by 10am the next day or she’d forfeit her place on the show.

WATCH: Matty J and Laura’s road to love on The Bachelor

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We now know she decided to do it, met Matty J and fell in love, but at the time Laura had no intention of showing up. That is, until she went to bed.

“I went to bed that night, I hadn’t packed or anything. And this sounds so ‘woo woo’ but I had a dream,” she said.

“I woke up at about two-thirty in the morning. And I can’t remember the specifics [of the dream] but I had this feeling that something really huge and life changing was waiting for me.”

So she woke up her housemates, threw all her stuff into a bag and at 6am they drove her to the hotel “and I was gone for three and a half months”.

The happy couple are now one of the show’s biggest success stories.

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Laura would go on to win Matty over with her cheeky smile and their matching sense of humour. The couple are now engaged with two daughters.

Considered one of the show’s biggest success stories, it’s hard to believe Laura and Matty almost never crossed paths.

They’re currently planning their wedding, which has already been postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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