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Survivor’s Jordie ‘the Joker’ Hansen’s failed bluff leaves him blindsided

''Survivor is part of me now, it's in my blood, I would absolutely play again!''
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Jordie ‘the Joker’ Hansen is the latest to have his torch snuffed on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains and it’s safe to say we are heartbroken.

The returning player first made a name for himself in 2022’s Blood vs Water and we had high hopes Jordie would go far in Heroes vs Villains but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

After he and alliance member Liz told the original heroes alliance that they were planning on using their idols, the joker thought tribal council would end with hero Sam going home.

Instead, the hero’s alliance called his bluff, splitting their votes between Sam and Jordie, forcing a re-vote where Jordie was the one to go, all with an idol still burning a hole in his pocket.

Liz and Jordie both had immunity idols to burn…

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Speaking with TV Week the morning after his shock elimination, Jordie said that whilst he was okay, it was hard to see it all play out again on television.

”I mean you have to be okay with your decision-making process and the decision you make based on the information you had at the time.

”But it was hard to relive the trauma…. but again, that’s what you sign up for.”

Speaking on his failed bluff, Jordie admitted that whilst he did assume he would ”cop some votes”, he didn’t expect the original hero’s alliance to split the vote and outsmart his plan.

”I did expect that it wouldn’t be super smooth sailing, but I thought that we had it under control,” Jordie tells us.

”But it’s all a part of it. I mean I took the risk and unfortunately it didn’t work out.

”For me it wasn’t about getting another day on the beach. It was about creating an alliance, forcing people to step outside their comfort zones and changing the narrative… but they just weren’t interested.”

Jordie was kicking himself after his bluff didn’t pay off….

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So, what was it like being stuck on a tribe with Simon?

”Simon has a good heart but unfortunately his ego can get the better of him at times – and that’s not me saying I’m perfect, I have a lot of flaws myself,- but unfortunately that did affect his game and my decision making process, I could see that people had had enough and that it was time to move on from Simon,” Jordie laughs.

And what about that epic take down Jordie gave both Simon and George when things took a rather personal turn at tribal council the other week?

”That speech was not planned, I was just responding to their behaviour, I was not expecting them to get nasty or personal with each other.

”I found it gross and not something that I wanted to be a part of and I didn’t want Survivor to be associated with personal vendettas, that’s too far if you ask me, that’s crossing a line. I just spoke my mind.”

But on a happier note, Jordie gave us one of the most heart-warming moments on perhaps any Survivor series to date with a video call home to pregnant fiancée Sam Frost.

Speaking candidly on what it was like to speak with Sam after almost a month apart, Jordie says it helped him renew his perspective on the competition.

”At that point in the game things were getting heavy and intense, that tribe had sucked the fun out of me by getting personal so that call was a really great opportunity for me to see through all the chaos and the nastiness and remember to have fun, that’s what I left my family for,” Jordie says.

Question is, is third time the charm for the joker?

”Survivor is part of me now, it’s in my blood, I would absolutely play again!”

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