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How tall is Jimmy Nicholson? His answer could be straight from a Tinder bio

The Bachelor star shared the details in an interview with Now To Love
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On paper, Jimmy Nicholson is quite the package. A pilot, outgoing, friendly, handsome, tall… wait, did we actually clarify that?

Now To Love sat down with Jimmy post-filming, and ahead of the premiere episode to get a glimpse of what the season holds.

We already know he has found love, and we know that he’s smitten with his new girlfriend (yes, they’re officially a couple now), but there’s one thing we quickly had to double check before watching the first episode.

Every season of The Bachelor we often get to wondering: Is the bachelor short or the contestant really tall? Or maybe he’s just average height and looks short next to a particularly height-blessed gal.

Or maybe it’s the bachelor who is super tall and the women on the shorter side.

Ah! Too many options – we cleared it up once and for all.

How tall is Jimmy Nicholson?

Jimmy Nicholson is 6′1, which is around 185cm tall.

But don’t be alarmed if the exact measurements are slightly off, Jimmy might’ve skewed on the generous side when he answered the question.

“Just 6’1, I think I’m 6’1…” he told us as we joked that rounding up was quite the Tinder bio move.

Jimmy is 6’1.


While we’re sure we’ll get to know a whole lot more about Jimmy beyond just his height over the next few weeks, there are several other fun facts we found out about the new bachelor during our chat.

Firstly, he’s really, really into motrobikes. After his pilot work was left in limbo during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 32-year-old took it as a silver lining to work on his other true passion.

“I’m really motorbike obsessed, I’m always in my garage working on them. I’m either building a bike or fixing bikes, it’s meditation for me,” he explained, adding that one of his bikes will even feature on the show.

Another fact? His wardrobe on the show is a reflection of himself.

“I was pretty cruisey [about clothes on the show]. There’s some amazing people that work on the wardrobe department so I was like, ‘Yep cool I’ll wear anything!'”

Expect to see the real Jimmy Nicholson, passions and all on the show.

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Going into the show, Jimmy had a one in 23 chance of finding love, and that it seems, he did.

Speaking of the woman he picked (without giving it away!), he told us: “I noticed her the first night I saw her, she is stunning,” he said of his final pick.

“But it’s not until you really get to know someone that you can really know- there’s just so much going on those first few days of filming. I definitely noticed her at the start and towards the end it became quite clear [it was her].”

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