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Every Bachie babe’s Instagram for ample viewing of their fave cocktails & pet pups

Expect to see their follower count sky rocket.
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Each year, the Bachelor’s bach of contestants follow a similar narrative.

They shoot their shot at love, they make pacts with like minded gals and, most commonly, they get sent home to await a flurry of sponsorship deals on their Instagram.

After squizzing the first lot of Bachelor ladies Instagrams, we’ve deciphered that this year, things will be no different.

Prepare yourselves for a solid dose of spicy Margs, beaches, European throwbacks and pups.

Without further ado, scroll on to find out where you can follow every Bachelor contestant for 2021.

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Annabelle O’Regan, @beloregan

Annabelle is a total beach babe, almost all of her photos are snapped in the water or by the ocean!



Ashleigh Freckleton, @afreckle_

Two words: travel FOMO. We may not be able to jet abroad right now, but Ashleigh’s profile is chock full of old travel snaps that have us itching to book a getaway.



Carlie Hodges, @carliehodges

Carlie is way too relatable on her Insta – just look at this snap! She posts plenty of photos of her pup and family.



Elena, @activeinstinct.lena

We have three words for Lena: fit, fit, FIT! The personal trainer shares plenty of workouts and shot of her incredible physique if you need fitness inspo.



Hannah Norman, @hannahnorman

If you need fashion or travel inspo, Hannah has you sorted. Her overseas snaps are from before the pandemic hit, but they’re giving us major wanderlust.



Laura O’Loughlin, @_lauraoloughlin

Dog mum alert!! Laura adores her pup Billie, who makes regular appearances on her Instagram alongside family snaps.



Madison Allen, @_maddyallen

Big grins and wholesome photos with friends are what you can expect from Madison’s Instagram, as well as some old travel snaps.



Lauren Jenkins, @loveandlauren

Will Lauren be doing her own makeup on the show? This beautiful redhead is a whiz with an eyeshadow palette and liquid lipstick, as her Instagram shows.



Sierah Swepstone, @sweppo

You haven’t seen a bikini snap until you’ve seen one of Sierah’s sizzling pics. This stunner shares plenty of dolled-up selfies to Instagram.



Tamlyn, @tamlynleigh

Tamlyn is our new glamour inspo. This stunner loves sharing outfit snaps, cute selfies and travel snaps to her profile, as well as the odd bikini photo to spice things up.



Tahnee Leeson, @tahneerae

Tahnee is giving us some serious travel FOMO. Her ‘gram is a mix of snaps from overseas adventures (pre-pandemic of course) and stylish selfies.



Stephanie Lynch, @ssgl

Business development manager Stephanie keeps her profile packed with cute snaps of her with her “girl gang” of pals, often dressed up to the nines in glam outfits.



Jacinta Boys, @jacinta_boyss

Don’t let her name and down-to-earth demeanour fool you! Jacinta may seem like one of the boys in laid-back fishing pics like this, but we’ll be seeing plenty of glam snaps when she appears on The Bachelor.



Rebekah Modernel, @bekmodernel

Bek’s Instagram is packed full of glitzy snaps in cute outfits and cheeky bikini pics by the beach. She’ll give you some serious fashion envy.



Tatum Hargraves, @tatumhargraves

If you’re looking for a motivational quote, Tatum is your girl. Her profile is a mix of cute selfies like this and inspiring messages about life, love and personal growth.



Stevie Grey, @steviejeangrey

Stevie is gorgeous, but can we talk about her dogs for a second? What cuties! She has two Chihuahuas she posts to her Instagram on the reg and we’re obsessed.



Ash, @ash_lee13

Ash may be a dance teacher, but her profile is a testament to her other passion – travel! Expect plenty of sun-kissed overseas snaps like this one.


Chanel Tang, @thedancingnomad

As a flight manager, it’s no wonder Chanel has an array of wonderlust-worthy snaps posted to her grid. The perfect mix of wholesome and adventurous.


Lily Price, @lilykprice

Lily isn’t a stranger to a cheeky glass of rose. Follow her for winery inspo and cute pups.


Brooke Cleal, @brookecleal

Brooke likes a marg, a sunset and fun with her gal pals. Her Instagram paints the story to a tee.


Jay Rose Lal, @jacintalal_nutritionist

Jay is all about balance. According to Instagram, she fuels with healthy food and exercise, but isn’t afraid of a night out with her pals and adventuring across Australia.

Holly Kingston

Holly Kingson, @hollykingston

According to Holly’s Insta, she loves the bach, boats and fun events with her pals. She’s also super stylish, if you’re after any fashion inspo.

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