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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson reveals he and his winner want to start a family within the next five years

The pilot-turned-reality star has a solid plan.
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This year’s Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson has found the love of his life, and he doesn’t want to slow down.

The 32-year-old pilot was announced as the show’s leading man earlier this year and immediately sent the franchise’s fans into frenzy – as tends to happen when the Network chooses a Bachelor without any prior public profile.

So what do we know about Jimmy? Well, he’s a pilot, a motorbike enthusiast, and he definitely wants a family with his winner.

Speaking to Now To Love ahead of the series premiere, Jimmy sounded lovesick over the phone from his Sydney home where he is currently in lockdown.

While he confirmed he and his girlfriend (Jimmy’s words, not ours) aren’t isolating together so they don’t give anything away, he did say he’s probably driven her insane with all the calls he’s been making to her.

“She’s probably sick of the phone ringing,” he laughed.

Telling us about his new beau, he said he had an inkling from the get-go that she could be the one.

“I noticed her the first night I saw her, she is stunning,” he said of his final pick.

“But it’s not until you really get to know someone that you can really know- there’s just so much going on those first few days of filming. I definitely noticed her at the start and towards the end it became quite clear [it was her].”

Jimmy is lovestruck with his winner.

(Network 10)

Feeding us a few more clues as to who it could be, he told us he went into the show looking for “someone who I could have a laugh with and who’s authentic. I just wanted a nice person.”

As for his deal breakers, he was immediately turned off anyone who thought “they’re better than everyone else… and if someone doesn’t treat other people well”.

“I’m lucky that my girlfriend definitely has none of those nasty traits.”

The Bachelor has no time for big egos.

(Network 10)

So perfect they are, in fact, that they both want to start a family in the near future.

“We definitely both want a family,” Jimmy explained, before adding, “But we’re both realistic, we’ll take it at a realistic pace. I’m 32 now so I’d like to have a family in the next five years.

“For now we’re both really excited about hanging out with each other in public.”

Watch The Bachelor on Network 10, premieres Wednesday, July 21 at 7.30pm.

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