The Bachelor Australia

Meet Chanel, the first passenger boarding pilot Jimmy's flight for love on The Bachelor 2021

Will Jimmy and Chanel hit it off?

By Faye Couros
As this season of The Bachelor Australia prepares to take flight, pilot Jimmy Nicholson is gearing up for one of the craziest rides of his life – with no doubt a bit of turbulence along the way.
As the audience waits excitedly at the flight gate, let's get to know one of the beauties vying for Jimmy's heart this season.
First in the queue to board is Chanel, and she is keen to show off all her experience ushering in passengers - because she is a flight manager. So will being in the same industry as Jimmy help secure a rose?
Jimmy and his slick suit are ready for love. Channel 10
Chanel made sure their first meeting showcased their mutual love for aviation when she brought out two aeroplane seats for Jimmy, 31.
With tux-attired Jimmy sitting securely in his seat, Chanel assumed her role of flight manager.
Holding a bulky phone commonly used on planes, she recites a recognisable flight attendant monologue but with a Bachelor-themed twist.
She narrates, "Ladies and gentlemen welcome on board the BachelorAirways flight 2021, destination love."
Chanel then steps forward to help Jimmy feel more comfortable by trying to recline his chair.
"I am just going to recline your seat," she says as she leans down, and as she fiddles with the pedal, she nervously mutters, "So, it's just this one."
Then in a perfect moment, which was almost inevitable, Chanel stumbles and falls into Jimmy's arms.
The awkward exchange (that was very welcomed) resulted in some nervous giggles, with Chanel sweetly saying, "Sorry, ah."
Watch Chanel's first impression below.
It appears Chanel's creative idea piqued Jimmy's interest when he implied during his talking head that he enjoyed the unexpected kerfuffle.
"That's a bit of unexpected turbulence at the start there which I am not complaining," he said.
The show's voice-over hints that Chanel may go far in the mansion when she says, "Flight manager Chanel is gonna make Jimmy's heart soar."
As fans of the show anticipate Jimmy and Chanel's potential future, the Bachelor has previously hinted at what he looks for in a partner during an interview with The Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential.
"I feel very fortunate to be the Bachelor 2021. I am ready to open up my heart and meet someone," the former pilot said.
"I hope to meet someone with similar values that I can have fun with and that shares the same zest for life as myself. The Bachelor franchise has produced many success stories and I hope to be the next."
When Jimmy was first proclaimed the 2021 Bachelor by Channel 10 it was reported that Jimmy is a "self-confessed romantic".
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This awkward moment may have been the key to Jimmy's heart. Instagram
He has also revealed how he felt about his new role as Australia's leading man. "I am a big believer in embracing any opportunity that presents itself, especially if it has the potential to change your life for the better.
"The journey ahead will be one of the most challenging experiences that I have ever undertaken, however, I am very excited to meet someone that I could potentially spend the rest of my life with."
It will soon be revealed if the initial sparks between Chanel and Jimmy have flight power.
The Bachelor premieres 7.30pm, Wednesday, July 21, on 10 and 10 play.

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