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A flight manager, a chess fanatic and a first date already in the bag: Meet the stunning women vying for Jimmy’s heart on The Bachelor 2021

Enough with The Bachelor, these beauties could start their own show - man or no man.
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Another year, another season of The Bachelor comes to fruition.

Like seasons past, Australian audiences will be fronted with the highs and lows that come with love in 2021 and this time, pilot Jimmy Nicholson will be baring all as he searches for true love… no doubt with a bit of drama in between.

The iconic series has never failed to deliver us a stellar cast list of women who each have their own unique passions, pasts and hopes for the future.

Our up-and-coming jaunt with Jimmy and his potential flames on The Bachelor has already made a promising impression after the man himself revealed he’s come out of the show with a gal he reckons is The One.

“I noticed her the first night I saw her, she is stunning,” he told us in an exclusive chat.

So now we’ve deduced that the season wont be a winner-less let down (we’re looking at you, Honey Badger), let’s get to know the women who are vying for Jimmy’s heart on the 2021 season of the show.

Reckon you’ve cracked who the winner is…?

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(Network Ten)


Belinda, Queensland

“I’m manifesting my fairy tale happy ending,” hairstylist Belinda says.

(Network Ten)


Ash, Queensland

Dance teacher Ash is set to be Jimmy’s ultimate cheerleader.

(Network Ten)


Ashleigh, Victoria

Speech Pathologist Ashleigh loves dogs and adventures, if her ‘gram is anything to go by.

(Network Ten)


Carlie, Victoria

Corporate lawyer Carlie usually has her head in a book, but she’s ready to search beyond for a chance at love.

(Network Ten)


Hannah, NSW

Travel fanatic Hannah says she would “usually jump on a plane to chase adventures, but this time the adventure I’m chasing actually works on one.”

(Network Ten)


Jacinta, Victoria

Jacinta is an executive recruiter with an aim to recruit Jimmy into her life.

(Network Ten)


Laura, WA

When Laura isn’t busy working as a speech pathologist, she likes renovating houses. Now, she’s adding ‘finding love’ to her to-do list.

(Network Ten)


Madison, Victoria

Madison a marketing extraordinaire from Victoria.

(Network Ten)


Lauren, WA

Lauren is a western gal ready to find love.

(Network Ten)


Elena, NSW

Elena is a personal trainer with a heart of gold.

(Network Ten)


Sierah, Victoria

A technical analyst, Sierah could crack the ultimate equation to Jimmy’s heart.

(Network Ten)


Stevie, Queensland

Hairstylist stevie knows her way around a good yarn. Her Instagram already says as much: “Can we just talk about me for a minute?” she captioned her Bachie announcement pic.

(Network Ten)


Tatum, Queensland

Girl boss Tatum isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, especially after rising the ranks to become a company director.

(Network Ten)


Tahnee, Victoria

A corporate travel manager, Tahnee knows a thing or two about being in the air. Perhaps a good match for pilot Jimmy?

(Network Ten)


Tamlyn, NSW


This customer service officer is ready to woo Jimmy with a zesty confidence.

(Network Ten)


Stephanie, SA

Steph describes her experience on the show as “the adventure of a lifetime”. Hint, anyone?

(Network Ten)


Chanel, 34

You might be familiar with Chanel already having been a standout contestant from the show’s first trailer. A flight manager with an instant connection with fellow airman Jimmy, who happens to be a pilot, the 34-year-old is already a red-hot favourite.

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The Bachelor Australia: Meet Chanel

(Network Ten)


Brooke, 27

Brooke wooed Jimmy from the get-go by presenting him with a Sri Lankan feast as they met on the red carpet. “Brooke’s breathtakingly beautiful, I’m doing backflips inside,” confessed a love-struck Jimmy at the time.

(Network Ten)


Lily, 23

Let’s just call Lily ‘ol blue eyes (sorry Frank Sinatra). This stunning blonde had the Bachie’s attention immediately, with the Bondi local telling the cameras: “There’s probably a big smile on my face… she’s beautiful.”

(Network Ten)


Holly, 27

Holly impressed Jimmy with an impromptu first date (of the makeshift wine bar sort) on the red carpet. She’s clearly not here to play with spider’s hearts… unless they’re named Jimmy.

(Network Ten)


Jay, 31

A passionate chess player, Jay attempted to shoot her shot with the leading man by challenging him to a game on their first meeting. But perhaps she was a little flustered – she messed up her game! Not to worry though, plenty more opportunity where that came from.

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