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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor In Paradise’s Jake Ellis and Megan Marx are very much in love and together

Their story really began the moment they went home.
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In the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise Jake Ellis and Megan Marx decided to walk away from their tropical island romance.

Their decision saw them decline the opportunity to take part in the commitment ceremony, leaving viewers questioning whether they were a couple.

But it seems their strategy paid off.

In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, Jake Ellis not only confirmed that he and Megan are definitely still together… But they’re completely and madly in love.

And they have no issue with saying it!

Jake Ellis opens up about his romance with Megan, why Ali is so much more genuine than Sophie Monk… And the truth behind all those rumours!

Jake can you talk us through Megan’s decision not to go through with the commitment ceremony? You seemed visibly upset.

I definitely was. Everything was so real to me. What they didn’t show was that it wasn’t just Megan, it was both of our decision. We were falling and having an amazing time together.

But we needed more time and wanted to do things on our own terms.

Do you wish you fought harder to go to the ceremony or are you happy with how everything turned out?

I couldn’t be happier. We’ve been together for five months now.

I’m glad we left when and how we did. We had no pressure behind us and could do things the way we wanted. If we worked out great, if we didn’t then that would have been OK too.

I’m so glad with how everything panned out. Megan was supposed to go travelling after the show but she didn’t end up doing that.

We really went from strength to strength.

Megan admitted she wasn’t in love with you – but at that point were you falling?

Everything is intensified when you’re in the bubble. It did take me a bit and I was falling in love.

I always said that if I said “I love you” that holds so much more meaning to me than it may have for some of the others. We weren’t ready for that.

I didn’t want to just say it and Megan is the same.

We mesh so well – we’re both so objective and kept a real world perspective.

Are you in love? Have you said “I love you” to each other?

We’ve said it! I guess in paradise it was just a chapter – the start of her and I.

We did know each other a little bit from before but we had our first date on the show.

It’s actually pretty funny to watch back. How strong we are, and how we are in love all happened after the fact.

It sounds like you’re in a very different head space. On the show Megan said she was concerned about you staying faithful. But you both sound very happy and committed…

It’s a different scenario. I can’t remember the last time I was in love or had a relationship.

This is more real than anything. I’ve fallen head over heels and I’d like to think Megan has as well.

At the time [pauses]. I guess we were commitment-phobes. We were searching for some problems to slow it down.

We have faced the real world test. We were lucky or unlucky because were tested a lot in Paradise with Florence and Thomas.

It set us up to be strong in the real world.

Clearly you’re both very committed. Are either of you ready to settle down or thinking about marriage, kids?

We are taking each day as it comes. We’re not the type of people that plan every step.

Tonight we fly to Thailand for our first overseas trip together.

It’s going to be good because we can escape the circus that comes with the show.

It seems hard for reality TV couples to make it. What are you guys doing to defy the odds?

We try to keep our perspective and focus on what we know and how we are together.

Megan went through a very public relationship with Tiffany.

That’s something I’m very mindful of. Whatever happens – her and I are the priority.

Given everything are you OK with sharing your romance with the world?

Yeah we’re getting there but we do want to enjoy our holiday.

We’ve received so much support and kindness from everyone.

Are you living together?

She’s basically living out of suitcase doing a lot of travel and I’m based on the Gold Coast. We’re taking it as it comes and see each other when we can.

Jake and Megan are taking each day as it comes.

What are your thoughts on Ali becoming the Bachelorette?

We were watching last night and saw it. We both had no idea and we saw her a couple of weeks ago… And she held that back!

I’m so excited for her. I look at her like a sister. In Fiji we had so much fun.

The best thing about Ali is that she’s a great girl that genuinely wants to find love. That’s why she was on the show – you could see that.

I’m excited to watch that.

She’s going to be very different to Sophie Monk. It’s a tough act to follow – Sophie is Sophie! How do you think she’ll rate? Do you think we’ll enjoy Ali’s season of The Bachelorette? With two shows under her belt – has the country already seen the real Ali or is there more to come?

You’ll see other sides to Ali. The difference with Sophie – I don’t know her personally but she did want to find love as well.

But I feel like Ali is – for me – a lot more genuine.

The people watching will be invested in her love story because it will be real.

It’s genuinely all she wants. Ali doesn’t want anything else out of this. She wants to find the person for her.

All the hopeless romantics and true fans of the show will love her.

**Are the rumours true that she broke up with Grant because he wanted a threesome?


I honestly don’t know how it all went down and I’m not certain about what transpired.

That’s between the two of them.

It could have been distance or something may have happened but at the end of the day it’s between them.

Sam and Tara confirmed on radio that they and many couples had sex on the show. Do you have anything to add from your part?

[Laughs] Ummm…

Sorry, I just got distracted because Megan walked past. [Megan laughs] Go away Megan!

Look there was sleepovers in bungalows and stuff.

I can promise that I was very well behaved. Even though it frustrated Megan a lot.

[Both Megan and Jake laugh]

In light of their engagement, do you think Sam and Tara will last?

Yes! I’m one of their biggest fans.

I think they knew it was heading in that direction from the beginning.

I want them to last and I hope Megan and I get an invite to the wedding.

What about Keira and Jarrod?

Yes! We used to call them mum and dad.

They’re a perfect match.

Jarrod wants someone to adore and Keira wants someone to adore her.

In the beginning you were in the centre of a lot of drama thanks to Flo. We’ve heard both sides. Do you think your side was well portrayed on the show?

A little but I know they need drama on the show.

But I can’t make things up. I wish I did handle it differently.

I feel like I’ve made up for all that.

Many felt like Flo’s return was a waste of time. Thoughts?

She wanted to come back to find someone.

Anyone coming at that point would have found it hard as we were coupled up.

When BIP began, you mentioned that Australia saw you as Georgia Love’s nice guy. This time round do you think we got to see the real Jake?

Bachelorette was my family side which is true to me but I’m also a smart arse. I feel like I’m funny.

I feel like this was more like real life. Bachelorette is a bubble that’s all about love. But in the real world that’s not what it’s like.

Is there anything that didn’t make it to air that you wish did?

So much! They could a new season from the footage.

If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

No I don’t think so. I’d probably try and handle the situation with Flo differently but no regrets.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

What did you prefer Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise?

They both had things that were amazing. The Bachelorette – the boys were amazing and are now some of my closest friends.

Where as this experience was real and an actual love story.

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