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House Rules stars face off as explosive finale draws closer

The stakes have never been higher.
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From the outset, “the boys” weren’t considered a major threat in House Rules: High Stakes.

“Some people think interior design needs a lady’s touch,” Laith, 29, tells TV WEEK.

“But now we’ve shown what we’re capable of, I hope we’ve proved them wrong.”

Lawyer Laith has competed alongside his best friend George, who’s a builder.

He says winning House Rules “would mean everything to us”.

Despite the fact they already run their own businesses, Laith and George want to build another business together buying, renovating and selling houses.

“Winning the $100,000 would kick-start our dream,” George, 30, says. “And then we’d be able to move out of home, which would be our mums’ dream come true!”

Laith and George reckon they’ve got what it takes!


Both Laith and George agree Tasmanian twins Kimmy and Rhi are frontrunners in the competition.

“But just because they’ve done well throughout the season doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to win,” George declares.

“Look out for the boys – we’re the ones to beat!”

WATCH: See Laith and George’s lounge on House Rules – and hear what the judges think. Story continues…

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It’s no surprise that twins Kimmy and Rhi are on the same page when it comes to what they’d do with the $100,000 prize money if they won House Rules: High Stakes.

“We’ve already decided we’ll split it down the middle,” they say – in unison.

But the sisters, who’ve been favourites from the outset, say they’ll spend the win differently.

“As soon as I can travel, I want to go to Europe,” Kimmy, 31, tells TV WEEK.

“We’ve done America together, but I really want to explore Europe.”

Kimmy and Rhi are bringing their A-game as the stakes get higher.

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Meanwhile, Rhi says her money would go towards a house deposit.

“I want somewhere close to town, with good bones and that needs just a bit of reno doing,” she says.

“I don’t want a lot of land or anything, as I don’t like mowing lawns!”

As for their competition, the siblings agree mates Laith and George will be hard to beat.

“They’re so good – the moment they unveiled the bathroom in the penthouse, we knew they’d be right up there,” Rhi says.

“People have underestimated them because they think guys can’t do design, but Laith, especially, has got style.”

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