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EXCLUSIVE: House Rules producers told to “make Kimmy and Rhi look nice”

They're tipped to win the competition, but not everyone is a fan.
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Tasmanian twins Kimmy and Rhi Harris are the firm favourites to take out the House Rules High Stakes crown.

“With my interior design qualification and our twin-tuition we’ve got it in the bag,” boasts Kimmy.

But it’s this gung-ho attitude that has rubbed fans up the wrong way.

As a result, producers are now scrambling to give the pair, 31, a better edit in a bid to justify their almost-certain impending win.

“They’re actually nice people, but it’s not necessarily coming off on the show,” tells our source.

“A production note has gone out to make a special effort to make them more likeable and show them when they’re helping out the other teams.” Sneaky!

Kimmy and Rhi are already coming to blows with their rivals on House Rules.

(Image: Channel Seven)

The twins have been struggling to deal with Tanya and Dave’s unwillingness to compromise.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Rhi has previously admitted she thought the worst part about taking part in the show was dealing with the conflict.

“I don’t like confrontation, I struggle with it really badly,” Rhi told Now To Love last month, adding “Kimmy is usually in charge of that side of things.”

WATCH BELOW: Rhi storms off after an explosive fight with Dave on House Rules. Story continues after video.

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However, having seen previous seasons of the show, she was aware that it was likely she wouldn’t always be able to play happy families with the other teams.

“At the end of the day, we’ve all seen the show, we know how it works, we know things like that are bound to happen,” she said.

“You just try and deal with it the best way you can and move on and try not to make a huge thing out of it.”

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