House Rules

EXCLUSIVE: House Rules' Rhi reveals why she REALLY stormed off in tears after arguing with Tanya and Dave

“I don’t like confrontation, I struggle with it really badly.”

By Erin Doyle
After successful overhauling a rundown high-rise penthouse on the Gold Coast, the House Rules teams are finally getting their hands dirty renovating their own homes.
And it's clear the pressure is already getting to several of the competitors, with tears and tantrums arising as they begin the transformation of Aimee and Kayne's Victorian dwelling.
In dramatic scenes, twins Kimmy and Rhi had had enough with rivals Tanya and Dave's uncompromising behaviour, when the couple refused to move their firewood bench seat design that blocked the twins' living room walkway.
The disagreement became so heated that Rhi ended up storming off in tears during Tuesday night's episode.
"I hate getting upset about it, but I'm just f--king angry," Rhi sobbed in a piece to camera.
"This week has just been a sh-t show."
Kimmy and Rhi are already coming to blows with their rivals on House Rules. Image: Channel Seven
Speaking to Now To Love, Rhi admits she thought the worst part about taking part in the show was dealing with the conflict.
"I don't like confrontation, I struggle with it really badly," Rhi confessed, adding "Kimmy is usually in charge of that side of things."
However, having seen previous seasons of the show, she was aware that it was likely she wouldn't always be able to play happy families with the other teams.
"At the end of the day, we've all seen the show, we know how it works, we know things like that are bound to happen," she said.
"You just try and deal with it the best way you can and move on and try not to make a huge thing out of it."
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The twins have been struggling to deal with Tanya and Dave's unwillingness to compromise. Image: Channel Seven
Rhi was left in tears after a frustrating argument. Image: Channel Seven
Meanwhile, the twins' adversaries Tanya and Dave seem willing to continue holding their ground over the whole debacle, with Tanya insisting, "I'm putting my foot down, but not in a mean way."
During the episode, Dave also explained to producers that Rhi had stormed off, but he wasn't letting that faze him.
"Look, you don't really have time to sit around and dwell on it, you just have to keep moving," he said.

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