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Meet the House Rules: High Stakes contestants for 2020

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It’s the feel-good renovation reality show that’s set to get a refresh for 2020, in its most challenging season yet.

House Rules: High Stakes features two brand new hosts – Jamie Durie and Abbey Gelmi – who are replacing Johanna Griggs after she quit the show last year.

Aside from returning judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, the people critiquing the teams will also be fresh faces.

The judging panel this year will also include interior design entrepreneur Kyly Clarke and prolific Aussie home builder Saul Myers, following the departure of veteran judge Wendy Moore.

Also changing is House Rules’ traditional format, which consisted of teams battling it out as they renovate each other’s homes.

This time around, eight diverse teams face a new challenge: transforming a high-rise penthouse on the Gold Coast.

So who are the everyday Aussies who have signed up for this sky-high challenge? Scoll on to meet the House Rules: High Stakes teams for 2020.

Image: Channel Seven

Carly and Andrew

Carly, 38, and Andrew, 46

As a landscaper foreman, Andrew worked on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games’ athletes village. The dad-of-two won’t be listening to anyone’s opinions, except his wife Carly’s.

“If outsiders try to give me design advice while I’m renovating, I’ll be like ‘You’ve got no idea!'” he says.

Image: Channel Seven

Laith and george

Laith, 29, and George, 30

Mates Laith and George both live with their parents, but agree it’s time to move out. Leith, a a lawyer, and George, a builder, think they can win House Rules while cracking jokes en route.

“We’re always having a laugh,” George says

Image: Channel Seven

kayne and aimee

Kayne, 37, and Aimee, 26

Kayne and Aimee are the show’s first tradie couple. The plumbers, who met on a job site five years ago, say they plan to both “work our butts off”.

“I want to show everyone that we can give it a crack just as much as the fellas,” Aimee says.

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House Rules’ Aimee gets voted out of Australian Survivor

Image: Channel Seven

Susan and Anthony

Susan, 31, and Anthony, 27

These newly married cheerleaders have no renovation experience, but plenty of energy. Susan, who moved to Australia from Canada, has been running her own cheerleading and dance academy for nine years. They’re both used to healthy competition.

“Nobody shakes pom poms like Anthony can,” Susan says.

Image: Channel Seven

lenore and bradley

Lenore, 55, and Bradley, 31,

Fashion designer Bradley has done plenty of renovating with his husband Jacob, but he’s entered House Rules with his mum Lenore. Bradley is super close to Lenore and wants to give something back.

“Mum and my stepfather Michael have always sacrificed so much for us kids,” he explains.

Image: Channel Seven

Tanya and Dave

Tanya, 38, and Dave, 36

Former model Dave works long hours as a physiotherapist, while Tanya is a stay-at-home mum to the couple’s three young kids. Tanya helped renovate and style the family’s previous home.

“I love designing and styling,” she says. “I feel I have an eye for this.”

Image: Channel Seven

Tamara and Rhys

Tamara, 28 and Rhys, 29

Lawyer Tamara and fitness pro Rhys met at the gym. They don’t have a lot of experience, but Tamara thinks her negotiation skills will be an asset.

“We’re competitive,” she says. “We won’t be pushed over.”

Image: Channel Seven

Kimmy and Rhi

Kimmy, 31, and Rhi, 31

Identical twins Kimmy, a probation parole officer, and Rhi, a barista and cake maker, have their differences, but believe their “twin tuition” will give them an edge in the competition.

“We’re always on the same page,” Rhi says.

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