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EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Durie opens up on the toughest challenge in House Rules history

They're not doing things by halves.
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He’s known as Australia’s hardest working landscaper, with his luxurious designs appearing in some of the world’s most famous gardens.

But now, Jamie Durie, 49, has returned home for good, and back where he’s meant to be – on TV, and in a brand-new role on House Rules: High Stakes.

Woman’s Day: You first appeared on the series as a judge. Are you nervous about following 
in former host Johanna Griggs’ footsteps?

I’m not nervous at all – I’ve hosted over 50 shows in the past 20 years! I’m very grateful for the network placing enough faith in me to do it! I think Joh did a fantastic job, and I really admire that she wants to focus on sports now.

This has also come at a good time for me, after moving back home [from Los Angeles].

So you’ve left the States for good?

I had so much fun in LA. I had a house in Hollywood Hills with Jack Black living across from me, Anne Hathaway a few houses down and Joaquin Phoenix was living directly behind me.

I always made 
sure I kept a house in Australia though, this is home.

Jamie says he’s ready to put the new cast of House Rules High Stakes through their paces

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Jamie Durie will serve as the House Rules High Stakes host this year, alongside Abbey Gelmi (R)

(Image: Channel Seven)

What can we expect from House Rules: High Stakes? It looks incredibly different from previous seasons.

The competition has never been so fierce. Not only are we talking about a 32-storey high building, but we’re also talking about the fact not everyone will get their house renovated and people will be eliminated.

It’s very high stakes. They’re renovating this penthouse in a skyscraper – it’s completely foreign.

I remember coming in on the helicopter on the first day and all the teams were freaking out; they had no idea what a ride they were in for. The producers are saying this is the best season they’ve ever worked on.

How’s new judge Kyly Clarke going?

Kyly has just been amazing. She’s very articulate, really knows her design and I think she’s caught us all by surprise.

It was a real breath of fresh air having a fresh face. Kyly understands style and she dresses impeccably!

We all desperately miss Wendy, but she’s moved on to bigger things.

Any chance of a Backyard Blitz reunion?

We have a 20-year reunion coming up! It’s going to be so much fun.

Scott [Cam], Nigel [Ruck], Jody [Rigby] and I have all been chatting. We’re all best mates and we all hang out at each other’s houses. It’s been such a journey and we love it.

House Rules: High Stakes will be airing in April on channel Seven.

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