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EXCLUSIVE: House Rules larrikins Laith and George reveal what they really want in a woman

The best mates are looking for love!

By Erin Doyle
Best mates Laith and George have been winning over House Rules fans thanks to their strong work ethics and down-to-earth nature on the show – plus of course, their hilarious antics.
But despite Laith's mum hoping they'll meet their match during the renovations, the boys are still single and on the hunt for The One.
Speaking to TV WEEK, the reality TV contestants open up about love, friendship and the love from House Rules viewers.
George (left) and Laith (right) admit they like the same type of woman. Image: Instagram
It's been mentioned a few times on House Rules that you're both single. What do you look for in a partner?
George: The funny thing with Laith and I is we're into the same type of woman. We want someone intelligent, funny, who gets along with people and has a beautiful personality. That's the most important thing.
Laith: Personality is the most important thing. And, of course, you've got to be attracted to them.
G: Attraction, definitely. That's important, there's no point lying about it. But I think personality is a bit more important – we've all met people who are very attractive, but you can't really have a conversation with them and it won't last long.
L: You have to justify your beautiful face. You've got a beautiful face, [but] what more can you offer?
G: Laith, you took the words straight out of my mouth!
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Have you had people reaching out to you on social media?
L: There's been a bit of love thrown around since we've been on the show.
G: Laith's great with the ladies!
L: If you look at Instagram, it's actually George they're frothing over. He's getting a lot more love than I am, that's for sure. And he deserves it – he's a good-looking man, hard-working and a nice bloke. I wish him all the best.
G: We should record this and put it on your Insta so everyone can see how genuine Laith is. His girls will triple!
Laith and George have been friends for more than a decade. Image: Instagram
Are you good at being each other's wingman?
L: I'm very grateful and lucky to have George as a friend.
G: We're very good wingmen. Once you've been friends with someone for more than 10 years, you stop counting. We always make the most of any opportunity, and there's no-one I'd want to do House Rules with.
L: No wonder the women love you, mate - even I love you!

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