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Jess Power and Imogen Anthony’s meltdown over Ellie Gonsalves’ Big Brother VIP return

''I'm going to regret this whole rant tomorrow.''
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The Big Brother VIP house descended into chaos on Tuesday night after Ellie Gonsalves and Dayne Beams’ shock return to the game was met with fury.

The pair were “evicted” on Monday, only to be told by Big Brother that their time on the show wasn’t over just yet and that they’d have a shot at redemption.

But not everyone welcomed the pair back with open arms.

After nominating Ellie and pulling off an epic blindside, Jess Power and Imogen Anthony let their fury known after having just celebrated the eviction of the actress.

Imogen Anthony was furious to have Ellie back in the house after having just blindsided her.

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While enjoying a feast to celebrate making it to the top five, the remaining housemates were left dumbfounded when Big Brother revealed Ellie and Dayne would be able to fight for an opportunity in a challenge to get back into the game.

Jess and Imogen, now coming down from the high of booting Ellie out, were faced with seeing her again after their blindside.

“I just hate it! I want to win!” Jess screamed, before slamming her hand down on the table.

“I will not walk out of here before either of them,” she vowed.

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“I backstabbed Ellie. I only did that because I thought [at the] last minute ‘If I don’t vote for her because everybody else was then I’d have a target on my back’,” Imogen later said in the diary room.

“I’ve got to deal with the awkwardness of seeing her tomorrow. I just don’t want to go through all this awkwardness. I want to curl up in a ball and go away.”

Jess and Imogen then went on a rampage through the hotel; screaming and throwing outdoor furniture all over the backyard.

“Is this what you wanted?! Is this the TV that you wanted? Then you’ve got it!” Imogen yelled in jest. “I’m sick of it. There is a major problem,” she continued before frantically searching for her champagne.

“You’ve forced me to be this kind of person, this is not who I am. I’m going to regret this whole rant tomorrow, and then I’m going to feel even worse.”

Jess and Imogen went on a rampage through the hotel; screaming and throwing outdoor furniture all over the backyard.

(Image: Seven)

To add even further tension to the situation, Dayne and Ellie could hear the girls’ outburst from inside the gym where they were holed up.

“They’re screaming. They’re on a rampage,” Ellie said. “It’s so funny because they will feel so hard done by as well.”

The remaining five housemates were eventually reunited with Dayne and Ellie the following morning at the challenge. In the end, Josh and Tom triumphed, meaning Dayne and Ellie were both up for nomination.

Dayne was eventually voted out, leaving Ellie to fight another day in the Big Brother hotel.

(Image: Seven)

Back in the Hotel, Ellie went into survival mode, pitching hard to her fellow housemates, while Dayne sat back thinking his position was safe.

Ellie appeared to make amends with Imogen and Jess, telling them that despite their betrayal, she would still never vote them out.

“I’ve just got to make her think we’ve got a really tight friendship still… but I’m very on to her. I don’t trust her,” Jess admitted in the diary room.

In the eviction room, there was just one vote separating it and Dayne was ultimately sent home (this time for real).

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