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The Bachelor: Cayla, Queen of shade, warns Nick Cummins not to trust two contestants

'They aren't good people man.'
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All hail Cayla, Queen of throwing shade on The Bachelor Australia!

The quirky ‘energy healer’ from Queensland was eliminated from the show in tonight’s fiery episode, after failing to score a rose from Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins.

While most contestants simply go in for a hug and drop a casual “I hope you find the one” parting line, Cayla chose to go the non-traditional route. Instead, she asked the Bachelor if they could have a quick chat in the driveway.

“Wanna come gossip with me in the driveway?”

After pulling Nick outside, Cayla decided to spill the tea on the series’ villains, or, as she and Kim Kardashian West call them, “snakes.”

“I’m 100% fine I knew I was going tonight. I just need to tell you there are so many inauthentic girls in this house,” Cayla told Nick, while Romy mocked her inside asking if she was casting “one last spell.”

“You should know this, from the very beginning Cat and Romy… they aren’t good people man. They’re blindsiding you. Cat and Romy are literally here to be famous.”

She continued, “Romy is so fake! Honestly. I hope you make the right decision Nick. Good luck in there mate.”

The face you make when someone’s spilling the tea…

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She then walked towards her awaiting limo, happy with the truth bombs she had delivered.

“I honestly hope you find a wife in there. Honestly there’s so much stuff you don’t know going on in this house,” she continued.

In perhaps the best moment of the night, she then asked “Do you want to know who the good ones are?” before Nick closed the limo door in her face.

Reality television, there’s truly nothing like it!

“Ok, bye!”

It’s not the first time Cayla has shared her disdain for the ‘tripod’ of Alisha, Romy and Cat. She previously called them snakes, after hearing them gossip about her in the second episode.

It also wasn’t the first time in this episode that the tripod had found themselves in a little bit of a “situation.”

At the cocktail party, the gang fired up when Blair made the point they probably shouldn’t be gossiping about Vanessa Sunshine™ when she wasn’t in the room.

Naturally, Cat responded to Blair “Why are you getting your back up so much, I feel like you’re getting really aggressive?”

At this point, Shannon piped up, and it’s safe to say she probably has regrets for trying to get involved.

“It’s not necessarily the words that you say, it’s more the looks that you make, which I think you’re actually unaware of,” Shannon said, in literally the calmest tone possible. “And it’s not saying I don’t like you guys, but I think that you could approach things differently and in a more genuine way.”

This did not go down well with the fellow contestants.

“Shannon was just going to town,” claimed Alisha, of the pretty chill conversation.

“You’re being very dramatic right now,” said Romy.

“It was really rude,” Cat said. “I’m really annoyed, how dare she say that.”

The calm faces of people who are not interested in drama.

Of course, this is reality TV and who even knows how long the conversation really went for. But, as Sophie put it, “I wouldn’t choose to go head to head with the trio because you’re just not going to win.”

The Bachelor Australia returns Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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