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The Bachelor Australia: Fans are losing it over Cassandra Wood’s dodgy hair extensions

Poor Cass had a hair-raising night.
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It’s the morning after the night before the Bachelor Australia 2018 premiere and there seems to be one talking point on the nation’s lips:

Cassandra Wood’s dodgy hair extensions.

Online, Twitter is just about imploding over the 23-year-old’s lacklustre clip-ons.

After Cass Wood made her red carpet debut and was reunited with her former-flame-turned-Bachelor, Nick Cummins, viewers were quick to point out that the northern beaches babe was rocking two very obvious different lengths of hair.

“Those hair extensions on Cass are a shocker. She should have asked for a better hairdresser in her ‘dream diary,'” one person penned.

“Cass your hair extensions are worse than your flirting abilities,” a second quipped.

“Pity about Cass’s hair extensions or lack there of,” another added.

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So, just who is responsible for Cass’ uneven extensions?

In a somewhat awkward turn of events, The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg’s wife Audrey Griffin is in fact the show’s hair and make-up artist.

Last night Osh even shared with fans his wife, who he met and fell in love with on the show, was the woman behind all the girls’ looks during an Instagram “ask me anything” session.

But Cass’ crap hair extensions were the least of her worries.

After the was reunited with former flame Nick, Cass’ eagerness to win him back backfired spectacularly with viewers labelling her the new Jarrod Woodgate of 2018.

“Cass is giving me serious Jarrod from Bachelorette ’17 vibes. Next week on the Bachelor “who pissed on my diary?” One fan wrote.

“Cass is the Jarrod of the Bachelor. Too much way too soon. Calm yoself you look crazy,” another mused.

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Despite her “bunny boiler” approach, the Home and Away extra is believed to make it to the final four.

However after last night’s episode, Cass has plummeted from fourth place to sixth place in the bookies’ predictions for overall winner at $10 odds.

Opening up about being reunited with Cass, Nick admitted the stars never aligned for them.

“The timing wasn’t right before because she was doing her thing and I was doing my thing.”

Cass’ antics took up a lot of airtime.

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