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What is the Bachelor Australia 2018 Key? Here's what you need to know about the new white rose

The game has well and truly started.

By Bettina Tyrrell and Alex Lilly
It's only the first night but this year's season of The Bachelor has started with a bang with the introduction of The Key.
This game-changing device has been dubbed the White Rose of 2018 and could make all the difference as the girls get to know Nick Cummins better.
"In a world wide Bachelor first, this is the key to the Bachelor Pad. This is the key to the house where Nick is living, and tonight Nick will give this key to one of you," host Osher Gunsberg announced to the 25 ladies vying for the Honey Badger's heart.
"Holding the key to the Bachelor Pad is an incredible opportunity. It means you can visit the Bachelor Pad on one occasion of your choosing. Just think your own special date with The Bachelor and it will happen whenever you want it to happen."
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The coveted key to the Bachie's pad!

Why did Nick give Brooke The Key?

Could Brooke make it all the way?
Of course, all the girls had their eye on the coveted Key, but in the end, it was Brooke and her bubbly energy that came out on top.
Nick admitted, "I see a very interesting soul in Brooke. She's got a different energy to the rest and I'd like to explore that a bit deeper."
Brooke was happy to have received the key, she gushed: "I feel really special. It was really sweet. I'm excited to use the key to spend more quality time with Nick."
Brooke snagged The Key along with a rose.
If Bachelor history is anything to go by, Brooke could have a real chance to be the last girl standing this season.
While the previous season of The Bachelor which starred Matty J, didn't have The Key, Richie's season had The White Rose, which offered the recipient time alone with Richie whenever she chose. Richie presented The White Rose to Alex Nation, who went on to win The Bachelor that year.
We'll be keeping our eye on Brooke for anymore clues that she could be The One!

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