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Bachelor Australia 2018: Meet Cassandra Wood

We reckon there will be some sizzling chemistry with these two.

By NW team
She says she hates dating – and refuses to use dating apps – and that might be why Cassandra Wood has not made a move on Nick Cummins in the past couple of years that she's known him!
The blonde beauty is one of the 25 ladies vying for the Honey Badger's heart this year on The Bachelor and it turns out, she and Nick have a bit in common.
Cass, who hails from Sydney's Northern Beaches tells NW that she and Nick, who lives in nearby Manly, have not only met before, but crossed paths many times.
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Will this beach babe steal Nick's heart?
Cass, who's been in relationships for the last six or seven years and been single for a year and a half now, applied for The Bachelor to find that right person. But like Nick, there's one tool she's avoided.
"In the dating world I don't use Tinder or apps and I find it hard to go on dates because I get so nervous and awkward."
"I like meeting people through real life, I want the old fashioned way of getting to know them in person. … I met my last boyfriend through family or a work place so I already knew them. Coming here I told the producers what I was interested in and I suppose it's like cutting out all the dating stuff and Nick should just be the person I'm looking for."
So when the limo pulled up and Cass realised The Bachelor wasn't a total stranger, she excited but still pretty nervous.
"I was never a fan of his. I play rugby union sevens and he's played sevens before but I never knew him – but I live on the [Sydney's] Northern Beaches and he lives in Manly – and through that we've crossed paths," she tells NW.
"We have some of the same friends, go to the same gym – it's crazy how many times we've crossed paths and met each other! Through all of that I've actually got to know him and really liked him and thought he was a good guy."
Cassandra – who's also worked as a model and an extra on Home and Away – says her strategy to win over Nick is "to honestly just be myself."
From Summer Bay to the Bachelor mansion, Cass is no stranger to television.
Cass not only has beauty, but brains too- the 2017 Miss World Australia NSW Finalist has a Bachelor's degree in Professional Accounting and she plays rugby sevens for Manly Mermaids Rugby Club.
The Manly local already has a cool 40.5k followers on Instagram and her numbers are sure to increase once the show starts. Not surprisingly, Cassandra has not posted since March this year – presumably when the show started filming.
We definitely think she will be a contestant to watch!
Good luck, Cass!

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