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Meet the couples set to tie the knot on Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings

Will they make it to the altar?
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Seven’s controversial relationship series Bride & Prejudice returns in October, with five new couples set to face-off against their disapproving families ahead of their weddings.

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings will see the new couples and their families stay in a secluded country retreat, where they’ll participate in counselling with therapist Leanne Hall.

From homophobic parents, to accusations of kidnapping, the issues the couples face will be nothing short of heartbreaking.

But, will they be able to overcome their differences and make it down the aisle in peace? Will they be forced to choose between their family and their fiancé? Time will tell.

Scroll through to get to know all the couples participating in the series, which is set to premiere Wednesday, October 2, at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

Milly (23) & Micah (25)

Milly (23) & Micah (25)

These young lovebirds met when Milly was backpacking through the United States, and have been in a long distance relationship with Micah in California and Milly in Melbourne.

“He asked me out and we hit it off. I was mesmerised, it was a real holiday romance,” Milly reveals of how their relationship began.

Milly found out she was pregnant when she returned from the US, with the couple’s now two-year-old son Julian. The pair are set to tie the knot, and reside in the same country at last.

“I love Milly and Julian more than anything, but there’s 16 hours and an ocean that separates us and it’s time we end the long-distance relationship and we’re together for the rest of our lives,” Micah says.

However, there’s one thing – or rather, one person – standing in their way. Milly’s mother Catherine thinks Micah is a California dreamer (‘loser’) who smokes too much pot. He’s not the man she wants for her daughter or the father she wants for her grandson.

Jess (28) & JoJo (38)

Jess (28) & JoJo (38)

JoJo met Jess, her first female partner, online two and a half years ago.

“We do everything together. We bought a house together and we’ve travelled together,” says JoJo. “I actually can’t wait until we get married and I can call her my wife.”

Though JoJo “can’t wait” to marry Jess, she’s struggling to convince her Lebanese Catholic parents to support the union.

Her parents, Sid and Lody, love their daughter and Jess, but they can’t understand why the girls “need” to get married.

“They’re good people, but they are not doing the right thing,” says Lody. “As much as I love Jess and Joanne, I won’t see them getting married.”

“They’re not to be together. A woman and a woman, it’s not right,” adds Sid.

Codie Lea (21) & Nathan (25)

Codie Lea (21) & Nathan (25)

Inseparable since they first met in 2015, Gold Coast couple Codie Lea and Nathan are proud parents to two-year-old daughter Starr-Armani.

“Codie Lea is always happy, always smiling and the way she shows love to our daughter is just beautiful,” says Nathan. “I’ve loved Codie since the first day I met her.”

Though Nathan has loved his bride-to-be since the first day they met, his mother clearly doesn’t feel the same way. Laurelle, who hasn’t seen her son in over a year, doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for the couple’s future.

Laurelle says Codie Lea is a “plastic barbie girl” and reveals “I hate her guts, I’m not going to lie, I do.”

Yep, harsh words there from Laurelle. The animosity stems from an incident when a panicked Codie Lea

woke to find a then three-week-old Starr-Armani missing from her home. Laurelle, who had been asked by Nathan to babysit, had taken the unvaccinated baby shopping.

Codie Lea believes what her future mother-in-law did was unacceptable, and the couple are waiting for an apology.

Tori (28) & James (34)

Tori (28) & James (34)

Tori met tradie James while he was working on a job across the street from her house. Five years later, the pair have a three-year-old daughter, Olivia, and have been engaged for two years.

“We became close instantly and from that day, I don’t think we have spent a night apart,” says James.

Though they’re madly in love, the happy couple have been facing the wrath of Tori’s well-to-do mother Mary-Ann. She believes their love isn’t enough, and that her daughter can do “far better” than James.

“My first impression of James was I didn’t like him,” Mary-Ann says. “The bad boy image came across, the tats. I just thought Victoria could do better. My ideal son-in-law for Victoria would be a professional person.”

She doesn’t think James is a good fit for their family and would rather see her daughter alone than with James. Yikes.

Dannii (24) & Denton (27)

Dannii (24) & Denton (27)

Melbourne couple Dannii and Denton first met when they were working at the local RSL club, where he used to wink at her from across the bar.

After Dannii’s father passed away recently, Denton took Dannii on holiday to Palawan Island in the Philippines where he proposed. Though they’re thrilled to be engaged, Dannii’s mother Donna thinks Denton is a spoilt little rich kid and not a real man.

“Denton’s a spoilt little rich kid. He needs to pull his head in and grow up,” Donna says. “I think Dannii needs to be with a real man because Denton needs to get some balls. Denton is overweight; he’s a cocky little a—–e

with a cocky hairstyle.”

Will Donna come to accept Denton in time for the big day? We hope so!

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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