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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Brenton reveals whether he and Christina are still together after leaving the house

''We are still kind of living as though we are in there.''
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It wouldn’t really be a Big Brother season without a housemate romance.

And the couple on everyone’s lips this year, fans and housemates included, is Christina and intruder Brenton.

Love has blossomed at lightning speed in the house, as it does, and we can’t help but feel giddy watching the couple’s feelings grow.

Speaking exclusively to Now To Love the 31-year-old confesses that emotions and connections in the Big Brother house develop at a much faster pace than they do in the real world.

Find someone who looks at you the way Christina looks at Brenton.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“I think because time is such an interesting thing in the big brother house. It doesn’t really exist and the pressure of the environment forces everything to happen a lot faster than it might on the outside world,” he explains to Now To Love.

“Once you latch on to certain people in the house, those relationships just grow quite quickly.”

While fans at home have been watching the romance unfold with excitement, the same can’t quite be said for their fellow housemates.

Love blossomed quickly between the housemates.

(Channel Seven)

Given the success Sophie and Chad had last year as a couple – both making it to the top 3 before the model took out top prize – it’s understandable.

“Sophie and Chad were definitely referenced like ‘Look who won last year – Sophie and Chad’,” he said.

“At the end of the day, everyone’s trying to light a fire under someone else’s feet and using the power couple play was just another technique to get the heat onto Christina.”

Brenton and Christina have a target on their backs after partnering up.

(Channel Seven)

Whether their budding relationship works in their favour or not, is yet to be seen. But, there is one question all fans will want answered that isn’t restricted by spoilers or embargoes – Are Christina and Brenton still together post show?

With the show well and truly wrapped, we want to know.

“Although it’s filmed in advance we are still kind of living as though we are in there, because part of the way we talk and interact with viewers is to talk in present tense.

“I think once the game finishes we’ll evaluate the situation and see what happens from there.”

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