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From the dreamy to the disappointing: We’ve ranked all of the Australian Bachelors

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We’re coming up to the milestone 10th season of The Bachelor Australia and it’s safe to say a lot has changed since it kicked off in 2013.

We’ve seen an array of characters from unassuming hunk Tim Robards through to self-proclaimed nerd Matt Agnew but which former Bachelor comes out on top?

Of course, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt and we know there’s a lot that isn’t what it seems when it comes to reality TV. But here’s our unofficial guide regardless.

Ninth place: Blake Garvey

Talk about a dirty street pie.

(Image: Network Ten)

If you break Australian sweetheart Sam Frost’s heart, don’t expect any sympathy from us.

The second Bachie infamously proposed to winner Sam during the finale, but after what seemed like 10 seconds later dumped her and ran off with third-place’s Louise Pillidge.

Seeing as Blake ‘Dirty Street Pie’ Garvey has kept a relatively low profile since then and is presumable single, we think last place is pretty reasonable.

Eighth place: Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins

Bet he was sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage before that finale.

(Image: Network Ten)

We were screaming at the TV along with the rest of Australia in 2018 when rugby legend Nick spectacularly dumped both Brittany and Sophie during the finale and picked no one in a Bachelor first.

But aside from a bit of shock drama at the end and some interesting idioms, the Honey Badger didn’t have much going on.

Plus, when he referred to oral sex as “strapping on the feedbag”, we were less than impressed.

Since his time on the show, Nick made an appearance on SAS Australia, fell into a relationship with Alexandra George and welcomed a son to the world called Billy George Cummins.

Seventh place: Jimmy Nicholson

Jimmy’s a pilot, did you know?!

(Image: Network Ten)

Season nine’s Jimmy Nicholson certainly was a looker, but apart from being a pilot (pretty sure they mentioned that once or twice) it felt like we didn’t really get to know the 2021 leading man.

As the second season set during the pandemic, the dates were a tad lacklustre and we all knew who he was going to pick from day dot.

Jimmy has the last laugh though, he stayed true to himself and is still very much together with his chosen winner Holly Kingston who he proposed to whilst visiting Sorrento, Italy, during their August 2022 European getaway.

Sixth place: Locky Gilbert

Transitioning from Survivor gameplay to wearing your heart on your sleeve ain’t the easiest transition.

(Image: Network Ten)

He may have managed to find love in the middle of a global pandemic but Locky is middle of the road for us.

Whilst there was plenty of drama that season what with firecracker Roxy exiting the mansion and the producers’ shock move to have finalists Irena and Bella meet Locky’s mum at the same time, Lock played it pretty safe.

The Survivor star turned Bachelor had production halted all of a sudden when the coronavirus hit but still managed to find his happily ever after with Irena Srbinovska who he’s still with to this day.

In June 2022, Locky even proosed to Irena….and she said YES!

Fifth place: Richie Strahan

No, we’re still not over Nikki.

(Image: Network Ten)

It’s been almost six years, but we’re still annoyed Richie chose Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan in that season finale.

The lovable goofball was a favourite on Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette, but as soon as he became the star of the show it was far from “cool bananas”.

Richie then starred on Bachelor in Paradise in 2019 but just reaffirmed to us that he’s better off looking for love without a camera crew behind him.

Nowadays Richie is working as a FIFO worker in the mines of Western Australia and is rarely active on social media (despite having almost 90k followers).

Fourth place: Matt Agnew

That’s Dr Matt Agnew to you.

(Image: Network Ten)

An astrophysicist who looks good with his shirt off? We thought we had a sure thing in 2019, but Matt’s ladies definitely stole the spotlight.

From the dog c— saga to Rachael’s “plan B”, the season’s success was due to the bachelorettes whilst Dr Agnew was something of a snoozefest.

Though he did go on to date winner Chelsie McLeod, the pair broke things off shortly after the finale aired and now spends his time sharing science snaps on Instagram. A well-deserved middle of the road.

As of 2022 Matt has released his debut book ”Dr Matt’s Guide to Life in Space” and is currently touring around the country on a book tour.

He is also BFF’s with Masterchef alumni Khan Hong

Third place: Tim Robards

Bronze medal goes to Australia’s original Bachelor, Mr Tim Robards.

The hunky chiropractor was everything we were looking for and his love story with eventual winner Anna Heinrich captured our hearts. The fact that they went on to marry and have baby daughter Elle just made the story even sweeter.

Re-watch Tim declare his love for Anna in the player below. List continues after the video.

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Second place: Sam Wood

We see Snez in there!

(Image: Network Ten)

Sweet, sporty and suave: Sam Wood takes the runner-up spot in the Bachelor game.

Some have called the personal trainer vanilla, but his love story with Snezana Markoski whom he has since married and welcomed three babies with is a reality TV romance worth watching.

First place: Matty J

Can you top 2017 Channel Ten?

(Image: Network Ten)

Ever since we saw Georgia Love break his heart on her season of The Bachelorette, all Australia wanted was for Matty J to find his Miss Right.

The perfect combo of kind, funny, smart, a little bit dorky and of course ridiculously handsome, Matty made us swoon and his romance with Laura Byrne was a treat to watch.

The couple are now married and share daughters Marlie-Mae and Lola so they’re living proof of a successful reality TV love story, too.

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