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Happily ever after? Which Beauty and The Geek couples from 2021 are still together

Our hearts are broken!
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After years off, Beauty and the Geek made its grand return to our screens in 2021 and with every episode we managed to simultaneously laugh and cry.

The season was won by Lachy Mansell and Kiera Johnstone and though numerous friendships were formed, we also saw love bloom between a handful of the beauties and geeks.

By the finale, we had three couples in George Goldfeder and Josie Werner, James Letheby and Jess Heatley and Kiran Rao and Bryanna Reynolds.

But what fate befell these star-crossed lovers? They were all secretive about their relationship status at the time, but now we know exactly which couples made it work after the show. Keep reading to find out!

Kiran and Bryanna had rom-com levels of cuteness on the show.

(Image: Instagram)

Kiran and Bryanna

They were the first romantic couple booted from the show and though they shared some sweet moments, the pair were initially tight-lipped when asked if they were still together.

“I can’t say, sorry,” Bryanna told TV WEEK at the time.

The drama ramped up when a source spilled to the So Dramatic! podcast that beauty Bryanna was more invested in the relationship than Kiran.

“Kiran dumped her not long after filming ended, Bryanna was left heartbroken,” the source explained.

However, days after the finale Kiran shared two videos of himself and Bryanna at an ice skating rink comparing their skill level. So was it a date, or were the duo just friends?

Kiran shared a couple of Instagram videos of himself and Bryanna ice skating together.

(Image: Instagram)

But it seems the romance fizzled out, Kiran confirming on Instagram in 2021 that he and Bryanna were no longer a couple.

“Since our elimination, a lot of people have been asking what happened between Bry and myself after the show. Short answer is: we are friends,” Kiran wrote, though he later edited it.

“Bryanna is extremely important to me and has been for the last several months. However, and some people may be disappointed to learn this, we are currently not dating.”

These days Kiran seems happily committed to new girlfriend Louise Child, who shares his love of cosplay and all things geeky, the couple sharing plenty of loved-up snaps on Instagram.

Kiran poses with new girlfriend Louise.

(Image: Instagram)

Though Bryanna and Kiran did date for a few weeks after the show aired, things didn’t work out – partly due to them living in different states.

And while Bryanna doesn’t appear to be dating anyone new, she’s living it up as a red carpet reporter and enjoying every minute.

Who says you need a man to make you happy?

Bryanna is loving life as a red carpet reporter.

(Image: Instagram)

James and Jess

Sparks flew between the journalist and the cosplayer and they even dropped the L bomb to each other on the show, but did these lovebirds continue their relationship in the real world?

According to another So Dramatic! source, it wasn’t meant to be. They said: “Jessica stopped talking to James as soon as the show was over, she basically ghosted him.

“He was devastated as he thought that they had a real and special connection and they were going to continue things on the outside.”

But the rumours were quashed just days later when James shared a series of photos of himself and Jess at the Van Gogh Alive exhibition in Adelaide and it looked like a date to us! The duo continued to share snaps together from the SA capital in 2021.

They confessed their love for each other but the jury’s still out if Jess and James are still together.

(Image: Nine)

Jess and James visited the Van Gogh Alive exhibition in Adelaide together.

(Image: Instagram)

But things eventually fizzled out between the two and Jess is now happily dating a handsome new man named Simon Herring.

Though we don’t know much about James and Jess’ split, the stunning journo is living her best life with her new man if her loved up Instagram posts are anything to go by.

As for James, he seems to be happily single – but keep an eye on him, he was recently spotted partying with the MAFS cast at the TV WEEK Logie Awards afterparty. Do we smell a crossover?

Jess and her new man make a seriously gorgeous pair.

(Image: Instagram)

Josie and George

As the only couple to make it to the finale, we admit we had high hopes for these two. George even said in his pitch that if they were to win the prize money, he’d use it to move to Sydney where Josie calls home.

Ahead of the finale, George didn’t give us anything when WHO asked if he and Josie were still an item.

“Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say. All I can really say is we are definitely still close,” he teased.

Josie and George were the only romantic couple to make it to the finale.

(Image: Nine)

But in August, Josie and George confirmed they were no longer together – though they are still close friends.

“Fortunately, nothing ended badly, things just naturally fizzled out. We’ve decided that the best place for us is a deep friendship and a platonic love which will never change and will be special to both of us forever,” Josie admitted in her Instagram post confirming the news.

George meanwhile penned: “We are both happy and in a great place as friends and I still feel such a fierce connection to you Josie.”

These days Josie is all loved up with her new man, a handsome fellow by the name of Tom Hogan, while George is living his best single life.

Josie and her new man make a fine pair.

(Image: Instagram)

This story was originally featured on our sister site, WHO Magazine.

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