Geek chic glow up! Every single Beauty And The Geek transformation from the show

You won't recognise them!

By Faye Couros
Beauty And The Geek's most iconic makeovers are back, and they're more exciting than ever!
In 2021, the show is all about awakening the Geeks to reveal their inner confidence by showing them their worth with help from their kind-hearted beauties.
While we love watching the Geeks discover their confidence, there's no denying a head-to-toe transformation can be just as helpful for boosting one's self-esteem.
Of course, the show's host Sophie Monk is ever the funny woman with her earnest reactions, and the Beauties really give their vocal cords a workout when they enthusiastically cheer on the boys through wide eyes.
Audiences can also attest that the excitement can also feel a little emotional because it's moving to watch the Geeks step out with a newfound sense of self.
Here are the incredible before and after pictures of the Geeks – and it may be wise to get yourself a glass of water first!

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