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Beauty and the Geek’s George Goldfeder reveals the heartbreaking truth about his split from Josie Werner

''I was extremely lucky to have met this beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted woman.''
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They tried their best but unfortunately, due to situations outside of their control like a global pandemic and distance, Beauty And The Geeks’ George Goldfeder and Josie Werner have called it quits.

After fans began questioning the couple, George decided to set the record straight on his Instagram with a lengthy post detailing their heartbreaking decision.

The 27-year-old gamer lives in Melbourne, and Josie, 21, is from Sydney – and with both cities currently in lockdown, George explained it was the catalyst for their split.

The “geek” posted two pictures with Josie, one from before and one post-makeover, and in the behind-the-scenes snaps.

“A while ago, I was extremely lucky to have met this beautiful, intelligent and kind-hearted woman. We went through some absolutely insane experiences together, and I can’t deny that the chemistry and sparks we felt between each other was incredible and real,” he explained.

After his lovely intro, he delved into the rumours and questions swirling around their union and confirmed they had parted ways.

“It has been a question a lot of people have wanted answered for some time, so here it goes. Unfortunately Josie and I aren’t together. We really did try to make things work after the show, and for a while it did.”

It’s over: George posted this throwback picture from happier times alongside his message.

(Credit: Instagram)

George went on to explain that despite their break-up, they remained friends.

He wrote, “But long-distance is incredibly difficult at the best of times, throw in the huge obstacles and complexities of a global pandemic and you have a far from ideal situation. We are both happy and in a great place as friends, and I still feel such a fierce connection to you, Josie.”

He dedicated the rest of his message to Josie for helping him grow as a person and to her future happiness.

“Nothing will ever change the amazing things we went through or the lessons we learned together. You helped me put myself back together and really find myself again, and I hope I showed you just how incredible of a person you are too. I owe you everything.”

“I said it during the finale, but whether you’re with me, with someone else or by yourself, you deserve to be happy. ❤️,” he said.

“You deserve to be happy ❤️.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Josie was quick to comment on her ex’s touching message, proving just how close the pair remain.

“You are one incredible person. farout,” she wrote.

The 21-year-old also took to social media to share her own statement on their split.

“UPDATE ON GEORGE AND I: ‘Are you still together?’ I understand there has been a lot of questions about where we’re at,” Josie, 21, captioned a series of photos and videos featuring herself and George.

“The answer is, we are not together romantically, but we are and always will be extremely close. Nothing has changed except for the romantic side of things and feelings. I consider the Dungeon Master to be one of my closest friends who I trust with my life. We talk most days and have had each others backs from day one and this is something that will always remain.”

Josie went on to explain that since she’s based in NSW and he in Victoria, distance played a part in their break up.

“What we had was very real and we did give things a proper go for a few months after filming finished and it was working for a bit. However, a number of circumstances, especially distance began to make things extremely difficult for a long term relationship,” she explained.

“Fortunately, nothing ended badly, things just naturally fizzled out. We’ve decided that the best place for us is a deep friendship and a platonic love which will never change and will be special to both of us forever.

“I don’t really want to or feel like I have to explain this too much, but I will just remind you all that a reality TV show environment can be a strange, weird and emotionally heightened place. George and I crossed paths at a time in our lives when we both needed each other and I will forever be grateful for that.”

She added: “I can honestly say that George has really helped shape the person I am today. He has shown me what respect is, how to trust, the right way to be treated and how to learn to love myself again. George always has been and always will be an important, cherished and influential figure and role model in my life. He will always be special to me.”

During the series, three couples found a romantic attachment – George and Josie, Kiran and Bryanna and Jessica and James.

Only the latter are still together and have been sharing couple snaps on their respective Instagrams from their Adelaide travels.

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