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EXCLUSIVE Bachelorette 2018: Charlie and Bill’s rivalry was completely fake and we don’t know what to think anymore

''It gave us a lot of air time!''
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Well, well, well.

What we are about to tell you may shake you to your core because with this latest information from The Bachelorette’s Charlie Newling, the last four weeks have been a complete lie!

That’s right, in a chat with Now to Love, Charlie revealed that apart from the very beginning when they didn’t “quite understand each other”, he and Bill Goldsmith, actually fabricated the whole, damn fight.

Yes, we are completely shocked too – and a little hurt if we’re honest – because what even was the Bachelorette this year if it wasn’t for their bitter rivalry?

Ali Oetjen is just as shocked as we are! (Source: Network Ten)

“We portrayed ourselves as that,” Charlie told Now to Love when asked about their constant bickering.

“We had a bit of a rivalry at the start, we didn’t really understand each other and there were a few issues there, and then we got passed that.

“We thought, you know what, the producers love it and the show loves it, so let’s just really play this up. It was just entertainment for us.”

To add to this, Charlie also admitted that the men “ran out of things to talk about”, because they all spent so much down time together.

“We thought, let’s just punish each other,” he said. “And it came across great and it gave us a lot of air time.

“At the end of the day, you want to get the most out of this experience and you do that through spending time with Ali or being involved in drama and we did both.”

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Charlie Newling has admitted the whole Bill/Charlie rivalry was made up. (Source: Charlie Newling)

Bill Goldsmith was part of the fabricated drama with Charlie. (Source: Network Ten)

Much like every other season of The Bachelorette, the most romances that come out of the season are the “bromances”.

The boys are here for each other… and honestly, most of the time, that’s pretty much it.

“Me, Paddy and Taite were all very close,” he said. “We’d lie in our beds at night and figure out what we could do to stir up the next day because it made it fun and interesting in there.

“So the three of us just planted little seeds and get things going and they’d just take off. It was really good because it made the cocktail parties interesting and the dates interesting.”

This is just too much! We don’t know what to think anymore!

In a previous interview with Now to Love, former housemate and roommate of Bill and Charlie, Danny Harris-Wolf, said that he woke up to the pair fighting in their sleep.

“Yes, this is true!” Charlie revealed.

“We were in the same room and he woke up one night and we were both sleep talking and having a go at each other,” he admitted.

“I think in our mind’s we’d been doing it so much and it had been embedded in us to keep it going that it just came out that way.”

Boys will be boys, we guess! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

During his final episode on Thursday, Charlie was unceremoniously kicked out of the mansion by Ali for not introducing him to his friends and family and for giving her an ultimatum.

When asked if he had any regrets, Charlie simply put it. “No, none at all.”

“I was myself the entire time,” he said. “I was honest, I never put up a facade or a front to try and impress anyone.

“It was me, it was real – and honestly, I’ve been portrayed in a way I don’t like, but in terms of regret, not at all.

“I’ve come out of it stronger and wiser and like anything in life, that’s what you want.”

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WATCH: Ali kick Charlie out of the mansion

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After hearing this, the question really does remain, if all of it was “fabricated”, but he was being “real” in the house (we’re confused too), was the 31-year-old really into Ali and did he actually fall in love with her?

“Oh, no! Definitely not,” he exclaimed, quicker than we would have anticipated.

“Takes a lot longer than that and this is the thing, I’m someone who falls really fast in the outside world and I wasn’t getting that in there.

“The situation should make you fall fast, so I was like ‘hold on, what’s going on here, why was I not’ and it was purely because she was seeing three other guys and telling them the exact same thing and how can you fully invest in someone and say ‘I love you’ when that’s the situation.”

“It just wasn’t meant to be,” he added.

Well, there you have it folks!

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