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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s Charlie and Bill’s feud has apparently moved to the bedroom

What happens in the Bachelorette mansion... never stays in the mansion.

By Anita Lyons
While we are 100% sure you are sick of hearing about Charlie Newling and his complete hatred of Bill Goldsmith on The Bachelorette, this new information will surely reignite your passion for their feud.
In a chat with Now To Love, the latest evictee and ultimate "friend-zoned" bachelor, Danny Harris Wolf, opened up about sharing a room with Network Ten's biggest enemies.
"They're no paid actors," Danny said when probed about Bill and Charlie. "No one is putting anything on, no one is getting forced to say anything they don't want to say. They didn't like each other from the onset."
They didn't like each other? That is the world's biggest understatement!
You see, our new friend Danny shared a bedroom with the two Bachie boys and what happens in the Bachie mansion...never, ever stays there.

"This is something that nobody knows," he revealed. "I woke up at about one or two o'clock in the morning," Danny said. "And they're both sleep talkers. They were literally sleep talking and arguing in their sleep."
"You know like in [the movie] Step Brothers when they're sleep walking, it was sort of like that. So they've just got a deep seeded hatred for each other and I don't think they'll ever make up."
"Hand on heart!" he said, as if we weren't going to believe him.
"It was so creepy because we all shared a room. I had to look around and see who was in what bed, and it was literally them too, because they both constantly sleep talk. One would be like 'na na na na' and then the next one would be like 'na na na na', one after the other - it was like they were having an argument. It was the weirdest thing."
"They weren't even making any sense. They were completely asleep."
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Being clear front runners, Danny felt the pair had a lot of "beef" because of the fact they were feeling threatened by one another - but it was Charlie who (obviously) had the biggest issue with Bill.
"Everything Ali wanted, Bill would conveniently spit the same thing or regurgitate the same thing with amazing accuracy," he said.
"Charlie really believed that Bill had gone out and done a lot of homework on her Instagram and worked out everything about Ali, and he was just telling her what she wanted to hear."
While we know about Charlie, according to Danny, he and a few others also had an issue with Bill, but were able to resolve their differences - because of, well, maturity.
"Initially Bill had made it very clear that he was just there for the girl, like all of us, but what I told Bill was, 'you don't want to end up with Ali by robbing everyone else of time with her.
"The best thing for Ali and the best thing for the guy that ends up with her, is that she spends time with everybody and she still chooses you. You don't want her to be 95% about you.
"So my issue with Bill was, he just made it clear that he just didn't care about other people having time with her, and that just didn't sit well with me, because you don't have to put everybody else's head in the mud to get the girl."
Charlie Newling and Bill Goldsmith arguing. Again. (Source: Network Ten)
In an exclusive chat with TV Week, Charlie and Bill both told their sides of the story.
"He reminds me of her ex, Grant [Kemp]," Charlie, 31, said.
"I don't trust him. I can see through him. He's not being honest with Ali and he's saying what she wants to hear.
"Out of everyone, he's the only one who hasn't shared his story. To me, he's hiding something."
But plumber Bill hit back, claiming it's not him but Charlie who's causing trouble.
"He didn't make the effort and I even told him he was the only person who hadn't asked me about my past," Bill, 31, says.
"He was just using it as an excuse to be sh*y with me."
Charlie and Bill will never be friends. (Source: Network Ten)
As the drama heats up, we can only imagine it reaching fever pitch as Ali's journey draws to a close in the coming weeks, but while we're waiting for that to happen, we're just going to sit here and imagine two grown men, fighting in their sleep.
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