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Bachelorette bombshell: Charlie Newling’s secret child exposed

''I chose not to speak publicly.''
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One of Ali Oetjen’s leading men’s has a chamber of secrets…and it has just been opened!

Apparently Mr Perfect isn’t so perfect after all, as NW can exclusively reveal that front-runner Charlie Newling is keeping a major secret from Bachelorette Ali Oetjen – he’s got a child!

Charlie Newling, a front-runner in the race for Ali Oetjen’s heart, has a secret child! (Source: Network Ten)

Yep, a source, who dropped the bombshell in a scathing post online, revealed that the 31-year-old Sydney builder, who scored the first single date on The Bachelorette and has since swept the blonde off her feet, hasn’t been entirely truthful with Ali.

“He has a child that he was hiding… A child that was panned with his partner and now pretends that he doesn’t exist!” they wrote.

And now Charlie, who is expected to go all the way to the finale, has confirmed the bombshell to NW, confessing that he did not reveal the news to Ali during his time on the show.

“I chose not to speak publicly about my child as I wanted to ensure their privacy was protected,” he admitted. Eek!

This news is expected to be a major blow to Ali, 32, who, after a string of tumultuous relationships, says all she wants is an honest man.

I just want someone genuine… who is open and sensitive and manly enough that they feel like they can be open and sensitive,” she says. “This process was all about me learning who the guys are from the inside out – because that’s the most important thing to me.”

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Charlie and Ali kiss on the first single date of the season. (Source: Network Ten)

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