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There’s a Bachelor finale dress theory that supposedly proves who’s about to win Locky’s final rose

The conspiracy strikes again!
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Another day, another Bachelor conspiracy theory.

Yep, it’s that time of the year again when everyone is desperately trying to figure out who wins The Bachelor’s heart before tonight’s highly anticipated finale.

But this time around, it appears Network Ten have finally cottoned on to the fact they’ve been inadvertently leaking the winner each year.

And as Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska fight for Survivor star Locky Gilbert’s affections, an oldie but a goodie has resurfaced.

Dubbed the “final dress two theory,” the compelling fan-made hypothesis is that the top two’s outfits subtly reveal who will ultimately win.

How, you may ask? Well, it’s all to do with the colour of these finale two frocks.

Apparently, the theory dictates that whoever is wearing the lighter colour dress is the woman who will be crowned winner.

This year, however a spanner has been thrown into the works with both Irena and Bella wearing equally dark dresses (a ploy by producers to throw us off the scent?).

Irena (left) and Bella (right) in the dresses they will wear on tonight’s finale episode.

(Image: Network Ten)

The fan theory has been doing the rounds for several years now and has held true in all seasons but one (Nick “I-can’t-make-decisions-but-I’ll-still-pick-Honey-Badger-as-a-nickname” Cummins,” I’m looking at you!).

While the Honey Badger picked no one and therefore ruled himself ineligible, fans were convinced Brittany Hockley had the upper hand over her love rival Sophie Tieman, thanks her white ensembles versus Sophie’s cream-coloured outfit.

In 2017, Laura Byrne won the heart of Matty J, but not before she stepped out in a white frock during the finale.

Unlucky-in-love Elise Stacey wore the darker shade of gold, and then went home broken-hearted.

Sorry, Honey Badger – your season doesn’t count because you picked no-one.

(Image: Network Ten)

Laura Byrne (left) got the best of Elise Stacey (right) when it came to Matty J.

(Image: Network Ten)

Alex Nation’s (left) gold dress was a hint Richie Strahan would pick her over Nikki Gogan (right).

(Image: Network Ten)

The year prior was Richie Strahan’s season and in the official final two promotional shot, Alex Nation hinted at her eventual victory by wearing a stunning light gold gown.

This was in stark contrast to runner-up Nikki Gogan who donned a vibrant red lace dress.

WATCH: Alex Nation and Nikki Gogan fight it out on The Bachelor’s 2016 season for Richie Strahan. Story continues after video…

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Proving that the theory does in fact have a leg to stand on was Sam Wood’s season in 2015.

The women vying for his heart in the finale were Snezana Markoski (dressed in a beaded white dress) and Lana Jeavons-Fellows (wearing a slightly darker baby blue frock).

Again, it was the lighter hue and its wearer – aka Snez – who left the finale triumphant.

Sam Wood chose Snezana Markoski (right) over Lana Jeavons-Fellows (left) in 2015.

(Image: Network Ten)

Even in Blake Garvey’s controversial season, the “dress theory” proved correct as Sam Frost was proposed to while wearing a sparkling silver dress while runner-up Lisa Hyde was dumped in a plunging jet black gown.

Sam Frost’s (left) silver gown was dead giveaway she would triumph over black-dress-clad Lisa Hyde (right).

(Image: Network Ten)

The original Australian Bachelor, Tim Robards, also picked a winner that was predicted by an outfit.

Winner and Tim’s now-wife Anna Heinrich wore a light-coloured beaded ensemble while rejected bachelorette Rochelle Emanuel-Smith left rose-less in a bright pink dress.

Anna Heinrich (left) won Tim Robards heart in white while Rochelle Emanuel-Smith (right) was given the flick.

(Image: Network Ten)

So, will the dress theory predict the future once again? We can’t wait to find out!

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